Joe Lauzon Out of UFC Austin, Fight with Cowboy Cerrone Off Again

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Joe Lauzon, UFCJoe Lauzon, UFC 274 authoritative weigh-in Credit: Eddie Law/Cageside Press

The lightweight scrap betwixt Joe Lauzon and Cowboy Cerrone is disconnected tonight’s UFC Austin card, the 2nd clip the bout has fallen done successful caller months.

Maybe it’s cursed?

While past clip out, it was Cerrone suffering a atrocious lawsuit of nutrient poisoning, this time, a Lauzon ailment is to blame.

Lauzon, who skipped the ceremonial weigh-in, released a video to societal media Saturday explaining wherefore helium had to propulsion retired of the anticipated combat with chap fable Cerrone.

“So, I’m not warring Cowboy Cerrone tonight,” Lauzon stated successful the video, posted to his verified Instagram profile. “The freakiest, weirdest happening ever. I measurement successful officially, everything’s fine, I spell to beryllium down successful the chairs wherever each the fighters are, and I spell to enactment my socks on, due to the fact that I person flip-flops on, truthful I person to enactment socks on. I crook my genu out, and my genu locks.”

“I’ve dealt with meniscus injuries connected some knees, but this genu successful particular, for years and years, I’ve had it cleaned retired a full clump of times. But erstwhile it does fastener up, usually I’m capable to straighten it out, it unlocks, wholly good 100% immediately.” There was nary specified luck for Lauzon this time, however. “This clip I’m present surrounded by each the fighters, the commission, Cowboy’s successful the room, I’m trying to not marque a country and fto radical cognize I’ve got a occupation with my knee. So I beryllium determination a mates minutes and yet I hopped connected 1 of my cornerman’s backs, jumped connected Frank’s backmost acting similar I’m choking him, similar we’re being funny, but I couldn’t stand, couldn’t locomotion astatine each astatine that point.”

Attempts to unlock the knee, done stretching, soaking it, adjacent an injection to numb it, each failed, adjacent aft having UFC PI experts enactment connected it for hours.

The extremity result? Cerrone vs. Lauzon is disconnected for the 2nd time. It remains to beryllium seen if the UFC volition effort to publication the match-up for a 3rd occasion.