John Cena Recalls Meeting With Vince McMahon Before WWE Debut

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John Cena has developed a bully narration with Vince McMahon successful the 20 years since his WWE debut. Though his archetypal gathering with the brag was precise abbreviated and awkward. WWE is celebrating the 20th day of the Cenation Leader’s main roster debut this month. As portion of it, they precocious posted a video of the Hollywood prima reflecting connected his archetypal main roster lucifer against Kurt Angle.

In the video, Cena revealed that helium recovered retired astir his bout successful the day of the show. He besides elaborate a gathering helium had with Mr McMahon earlier the match:

“I recovered retired astatine 2:45 successful the day that I’d beryllium wrestling Kurt Angle. I had 1 gathering with Mr. McMahon earlier this.” recalled John Cena, “I was pushed into his bureau and Michael Hayes asked similar ‘What bash we bash with this?’ Mr. McMahon’s archetypal condemnation to me, it was a abbreviated meeting. He said ‘Cut his f*cking hair.’ Then I was retired of the office.”

John Cena Returning To WWE Raw Later This Month

The 16-time satellite champion went connected to sermon his lucifer with the Olympic Gold Medallist. He noted however the assemblage wasn’t arsenic funny successful the lucifer arsenic helium would person liked. Cena said that if helium was doing it now, helium would person slowed down and tried to archer a communicative during the segment.

You tin cheque retired the video of John Cena below: