John Cena: WWE Fans Made Me The Man I Am Today

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John Cena says WWE fans person taught him galore lessons that they are not adjacent alert of. He says these lessons person helped him signifier into a amended person.

John Cena said this erstwhile helium appeared connected an occurrence of Backstage’s In the Envelope wherever helium talked astir his acting career. During the interview, helium besides thanked WWE fans for teaching him a batch of values and said that helium can’t hold to fto them know.

“There volition travel a clip wherever I’ll beryllium capable to convey the WWE assemblage for each that they person taught me. That’s not conscionable from a nonrecreational standpoint. They made maine into the antheral I am, consecutive up, particularly successful lessons similar humility and failure, persistence, countless things that they volition ne'er understand,” Cena said (as transcribed by Fightful).

“When I perceive thing from you like, ‘I watched WrestleMania 21′ oregon Austin Theory, for example, ‘I watched John Cena arsenic a kid and Never Give Up got maine done a batch of worldly and that’s wherefore I’m present now.’ I don’t deliberation helium realizes what helium did for me,” Cena continued. “It’s not conscionable from a profession. I notation WWE successful my regular life, it’s thing I’m everlastingly grateful for, due to the fact that it’s made maine into the antheral that I am.”

Austin Theory has said earlier that John Cena is his inspiration and the crushed wherefore helium got into wrestling. Theory suffered bullying increasing up and Cena’s mode of handling himself person him encouragement to propulsion done the harder times. “For maine increasing up, I was bullied successful school, and I didn’t person my dada successful my life, truthful it benignant of helped me, similar conscionable his cognition and the mode helium was and the mode helium carried himself, nary substance what the concern was. John Cena conscionable gave maine that encouragement, and adjacent if it sounds cheesy, conscionable to ne'er springiness up. I mean it’s true, and that’s what’s gotten maine present truthful quick,” Theory has said astir Cena.

While it’s nary concealed that WWE is pushing Theory arsenic the adjacent large thing, immoderate reports are claiming that WWE is trying to marque him the adjacent Cena. Theory is even teasing a SummerSlam match with his icon.

Theory precocious taunted a instrumentality astatine ringside who was wearing Cena merch and claimed that helium is simply a amended United States Champion than Cena was. Cena responded by giving him immoderate proposal on with a warning.

Cena precocious entered into a caller concern venture, arsenic he partnered with the Thomas Ashbourne brand. John Cena is promoting their cocktail drink.