Johnny Eblen On Bellator 282 Title Shot: “Higher Stakes, Same Sh*t”

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Bellator middleweight contender Johnny Eblen is not feeling immoderate added unit up of his rubric situation this Friday.

In the main lawsuit of Bellator 282, Eblen volition look to dethrone 1 of the world’s apical middleweights, Gegard Mousasi. The erstwhile UFC star is successful the midst of his 2nd reign successful the Bellator cage and has already defended the loop doubly since capturing the vacant 185-pound loop with a triumph implicit Douglas Lima successful 2020.

Having added the archetypal blemish to Austin Vanderford’s grounds earlier this year, Mousasi volition look to execute a akin feat erstwhile helium shares the cage with Eblen astatine Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Arena time night.

Like Vanderford, Eblen volition participate his title accidental with a cleanable 11-0 nonrecreational résumé. But portion the unit possibly got excessively overmuch for “The Gentleman,” who was finished wrong 1 round, Eblen isn’t acrophobic astir replicating that.

During a pre-fight enactment with the media, Eblen rejected the communicative that his upcoming collision with Mousasi feels immoderate antithetic to his erstwhile fights, suggesting that the rubric combat is simply a earthy progression for his career.

“I get a batch of questions like, ‘Hey, does it consciousness excessively much,’ Like, nah, it’s conscionable higher stakes, aforesaid sh*t… It feels similar the close step, it feels similar thing has truly changed excessively much,” said Eblen. “If anything, I’m conscionable warring a small spot later, warring a fewer much rounds, and warring a amended guy. That’s mean erstwhile you determination up.”

Eblen: Mousasi Will Be Facing A “Different Animal”

With that, Eblen is incredibly assured that helium tin upset the likelihood connected Friday and manus Mousasi his 8 vocation nonaccomplishment successful what volition beryllium his 59th appearance.

After admitting it’ll consciousness bully to showcase his talents connected the main-event signifier and soundlessness his detractors, “The Human Cheat Code” assured the champ that he’ll beryllium sharing the cage with a “different animal” travel combat night.

“It’s gonna enactment my sanction connected the map, truthful it’s kinda nice. I get to unopen immoderate haters up… Solidify my name,” said Eblen. “People are gonna beryllium like, ‘Damn, Johnny’s legit.’ … This my craft, and I’m putting my trade connected this signifier for everybody to see… Showcasing my trade connected specified a high-level guy, and executing things, it’s gonna consciousness bully for maine to do.

“I person a batch of tools connected my instrumentality belt, and I can’t hold to utilize each these tools erstwhile I spell retired there,” Eblen continued. “It’s gonna beryllium a antithetic combat stylistically (to Mousasi vs. Vanderford)… I’m a antithetic animal.”

Do you deliberation Johnny Eblen has what it takes to dethrone Gegard Mousasi?