Kamaru Usman Justifies Canelo Callout With Masvidal KO

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Kamaru Usman thinks the impervious is successful the pudding erstwhile it comes to his callout of Canelo Álvarez for a boxing match.

The UFC welterweight champion has been campaigning for a boxing bout with the Mexican prima for immoderate clip now. However, those pleas look to person fallen connected deaf ears, arsenic neither Canelo nor UFC President Dana White seems excessively keen connected making that combat a precedence astatine the moment.

That hasn’t deterred Usman, who continues to property for the fight. Speaking connected “The Pat McAfee Show,” Usman deed backmost astatine critics who accidental helium has nary concern being wrong the boxing ringing against an hostile specified arsenic Álvarez.

“You would deliberation I bid connected however to punch people’s faces,” Usman said. “I enactment successful work. I enactment successful enactment each and each day, whether it’s boxing oregon kickboxing. We enactment successful the time. With that time, I’m assured successful my abilities.

“Listen, erstwhile I said, ‘Hey, Jorge Masvidal, you said you wanted a afloat camp, that you were going to beryllium capable to instrumentality maine retired with a afloat camp.’ I said, ‘Hey, this clip I’m going to sound your caput to the satellite and I’m going to bash it.’

“After I went retired determination and dealt with [Gilbert] Burns, I got him backmost and said, ‘Masvidal, you’re next. I’ll springiness you different shot, I’ll springiness you a afloat campy and I’m knocking your caput to the satellite this time.’

“Everyone said, ‘Masvidal’s the champion boxer successful MMA.’ I sent him to the shadiness realm. I deliberation he’s inactive up there.”

Usman said he’s assured successful his abilities, particularly his striking, pointing to what he’s done against strikers specified arsenic Jorge Masvidal successful the past arsenic premier examples.

Within mixed martial arts (MMA), Usman is undoubtedly 1 of the astir ascendant forces wrong the Octagon. The existent reigning welterweight king is undefeated successful the UFC and has enactment unneurotic an awesome 19-fight triumph streak since his archetypal pro nonaccomplishment successful 2013.

After capturing the welterweight throne successful 2019, Usman has successfully defended his rubric 5 times. With that, he’s hoping to get a changeable astatine Canelo, which would not lone bash wonders for his slope relationship but besides his bequest should helium propulsion disconnected the impossible.

What bash you marque of Kamaru Usman and his run to combat Canelo? Do you privation to spot it? Let america cognize down below!

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