Kris Statlander On Mixed Tags, Intergender Matches, Being More Than A Woman (Exclusive)

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AEW star Kris Statlander spoke with SEScoops correspondent Jaychele Nicole this week.

Since AEW Double Or Nothing, we person seen Statlander brace up with Athena and sometimes different women successful the part to instrumentality connected Jade Cargull and The Baddies. Kris Statlander has agelong been a assemblage favorite. Particularly successful her Owen Hart Tournament lucifer with Ruby Soho, Statlander was capable to crook the assemblage astir and summation overwhelming enactment during the match. 

Kris Statlander On Mixed Tag Team & Intergender Matches

On the January 19 variation of AEW Dynamite, we saw Kris Statlander brace up with Orange Cassidy to instrumentality connected Adam Cole and Dr. Britt Baker DMD successful a mixed tag squad match. This was 1 of the fewer mixed tag squad matches that we person seen successful AEW. 

Kris Statlander spoke with Jaychele Nicole astir the anticipation of determination being much mixed tag squad matches successful AEW and her tendency to enactment successful them. 

Statlander said, “Yeah, absolutely. I would emotion to. If anyone has been pursuing my vocation since earlier AEW, they knew that astatine 1 point, the bulk of my matches were intergender matches. So, I cognize that I tin bent with the guys and beryllium amended than them. And I’m bigger than immoderate not going to beryllium humble astir it. I’m bigger than immoderate of the guys. Not needfully connected the roster. But you know, conscionable successful general. And, like, it’s a batch of what made maine truthful different. And it’s like, if I didn’t person each those intergender matches, it wouldn’t person got maine to the level that I’m astatine today.

So, arsenic overmuch arsenic immoderate radical similar don’t similar it due to the fact that of the ‘domestic violence’ it benignant of ‘insinuates’. It’s similar we’re wrestlers. If I instrumentality a suplex from Nyla versus I instrumentality a suplex from Orange Cassidy, it’s inactive a suplex, similar it’s inactive wrestling. That’s benignant of similar radical person to remember, like, we’re trained nonrecreational wrestlers. Most of the clip erstwhile we’re successful grooming we’re grooming with much guys than we are girls, unless you find an each girls wrestling school, which you astir apt won’t. This conscionable got precise intergender preachy and I apologize, but yes, I would emotion to enactment and bash much mixed tag and intergender maybe, but that’s astir apt not gonna happen. Yeah, intergender astir apt not.”

Kris Statlander had participated successful galore intergender matches anterior to joining AEW. She has had matches with the likes of John Silver, Orange Cassidy, Nick Gage, MJF and galore others. 

Kris Statlander’s ‘More Than A Woman Branding’

Statlander has precocious transitioned to marque herself arsenic ‘More Than A Woman.’ During her feud with Leyla Hirsch, Kris debuted caller music, caller hair, and a caller titantron. Her merchandise present describes her arsenic ‘More Than A Woman.’ At the opening of her matches, Kris signs ‘More Than A Woman’ successful American Sign Language. 

When asked astir wherever the ‘More Than A Woman’ branding came from, Stalander had this to say, “It came from the song. Not the Aliyah one, the Bee Gees one. Yeah, I had the Bee Gees mentation of the much than a pistillate opus arsenic my entranceway connected the Indies for a portion due to the fact that it was conscionable truthful different. And it was conscionable truthful fun. And it was 1 of those like, everyone knew it. Just got a assemblage successful a bully temper earlier a lucifer and stuff. Like it’s similar conscionable 1 of those, like, consciousness bully songs.

And then, erstwhile I was doing the alien thing, still, I would beryllium like, ‘Oh, she’s much than a pistillate due to the fact that she’s an alien.’ And present it’s much than a pistillate leaves what I americium up to mentation by the assemblage now. So, it’s benignant of similar I tin beryllium immoderate you privation to be. Or whatever, nevertheless you privation to comprehend maine is immoderate you want, due to the fact that being much than a pistillate arsenic being much than what meets the oculus and worldly similar that. So I took it from the song, but past I made it much heavy than it is.”

Kris Statlander’s Use of ASL

Statlander besides commented astir the reasoning down her utilizing ASL to pass her ‘More Than A Woman’ connection earlier her matches. 

“I deliberation it was thing that I wanted to bash thing different, I don’t really cognize anyone that’s deaf. I don’t person a crushed to cognize ASL. Once I started doing it, immoderate radical were raising questions astir bash I person a crushed to usage it successful my life? And I don’t, I conscionable thought it was thing utile to learn. It’s benignant of an underappreciated language. So, I figured, wherefore not effort thing different? And it seems to beryllium getting a truly bully reaction. I’m not fluent successful motion language. But I could bash a basal condemnation like, ‘Do you privation water? Are you hungry? My sanction is Kris.’ Like, I tin bash each that stuff.

But, I primitively got the thought to bash immoderate broadside connection due to the fact that connected the Indies, sometimes if I was a atrocious guy, I would bash similar an F and a U. So, I’d accidental FU to my hostile and similar nary 1 knew what it meant, butI did and it was comic to me. So, sometimes I would bash that. And that’s benignant of wherever I got the thought to find a mode to incorporated motion connection a small spot much conscionable due to the fact that it’s truthful different. And particularly similar if determination is simply a deaf idiosyncratic watching TV, and they really spot thing similar that alternatively of conscionable having to work the subtitles each the time. So, you tin really similar absorption connected the enactment for a moment. I deliberation it’s a chill small mode to scope retired to that underserved community,” she said.

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