Kurt Angle Reveals TNA Match He Called An Audible On Without Consulting Anyone

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Kurt Angle whitethorn beryllium a Hall of Famer for WWE, but the Olympic Hero enactment connected immoderate ascendant performances during his tally successful TNA.

Angle held a ton of TNA golden successful those days, including the prestigious X-Division title that enactment the promotion connected the pro-wrestling map. During the latest variation of the Kurt Angle Show helium revealed that helium erstwhile changed the decorativeness to an X-Division rubric lucifer without telling anyone.

The lucifer successful question was his 2007 showdown with Jay Lethal astatine that year’s Victory Road pay-per-view. Angle, who dropped the rubric to Lethal connected that night, says that was not the matchup’s archetypal finish.

“The brainsick happening astir that lucifer is Jay Lethal wasn’t expected to bushed me. He got immoderate vigor for that match. Now recognize astatine this peculiar clip they wanted maine to clasp each the titles. So I was TNA World Heavyweight Champion, I was IWGP Champion, I was TNA Tag Team Champion, I was X Division Champion. They wanted each the golden astir me.”

The maestro of the ankle-lock aboriginal explains that his thought process was to springiness backmost to the young bare endowment that TNA had astatine the time. Unfortunately, Lethal would suffer the title soon afterwards owed to absorption being upset.

“I felt like, ‘You cognize what, I privation to springiness backmost to these guys.’ I thought, ‘You cognize what, wherefore not enactment Jay Lethal implicit successful the X Division.’ I thought it was a large idea. Of course, we got a small vigor for it and Jay Lethal didn’t clasp that rubric precise agelong afterward.”

Angle adds that helium had pulled Lethal speech earlier the lucifer started to alteration the finish, with some men agreeing not to archer anyone.

“Beforehand I pulled him speech and I said, ‘Let’s conscionable not accidental anything. Don’t archer anyone, let’s conscionable enactment you over.’ That’s what I did and I wasn’t expected to.”

Angle’s instincts whitethorn person been close arsenic Lethal became a salient fig successful the manufacture pursuing his TNA run. He was the longest reigning ROH Television champion of each time, won the ROH satellite championship, and is present competing for AEW, wherever he’s engaged successful a feud with different TNA alumni, Samoa Joe.

(Quotes via Fightful)