Lex Luger: I’d Walk Again for WWE Hall of Fame Induction

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For years, Lex Luger was a wrestler who’s quality was based connected his unthinkable physique.

Famously boasting a 4% assemblage fat, Luger was referred to successful WWE arsenic ‘The Narcissist’ but a bid of aesculapian issues, including a spinal changeable person taken their toll.

In 2014, Luger said helium was utilizing a wheelchair connected a regular basis, though helium was inactive capable to locomotion abbreviated distances, but became wholly reliant connected a wheelchair for mobility past year.

The Hall of Fame

Luger has said helium would enactment hard to locomotion again if helium could locomotion onto the signifier astatine the WWE Hall of Fame. 

In an interrogation with Sports Illustrated released connected Thursday, Luger spoke astir his wellness and imaginable induction into the WWE Hall of Fame (via Bodyslam.)

“I mightiness popular retired of the seat for that [a WWE Hall of Fame induction.] I would instrumentality that accidental if that infinitesimal comes. That grant would beryllium the cherry connected apical of my career.”

“I mightiness popular retired of the seat for that.”

Lex Luger connected a imaginable WWE Hall of Fame induction.

The 64-year-old volition beryllium the absorption of Sunday’s occurrence of Biography: WWE Legends connected A&E. 

Is an induction coming?

A erstwhile WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Luger had a affluent vocation successful wrestling that surely warrants a Hall of Fame induction.

Last year, Jim Ross said that Luger should beryllium inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, saying that it would beryllium a “popular decision.”

Mick Foley has besides expressed enactment for a Luger induction.