Malakai Black Reveals Darius Martin Was In “Nasty” Car Accident, Sidelined For 6-9 Months

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Darius Martin, one-half of the tag squad Top Flight, is injured and is sidelined from in-ring action.

He antecedently missed a twelvemonth of enactment erstwhile helium tore his ACL. Darius returned connected AEW Dynamite arsenic portion of the AEW World Tag Team Title Number One Contendership Casino Tag Team Royale. The Young Bucks won the lucifer to caput into AEW Revolution arsenic Martin was eliminated last.

Martin performed abbreviated of a twelve matches since his return, lone to endure different injury. There were reports of him suffering from a limb wounded and missing important ringing time. Martin cleared up the air and said that his wounded has thing to bash with wrestling by penning connected Twitter, “What I’m presently dealing with had NOTHING to bash with wrestling but I’m gladsome everyone other retired determination seems to cognize much astir my wellness than I do.”

There was inactive nary different accusation disposable astir his wounded until Malakai Black yet gave america an update astir him.

Appearing connected The Universal Wrestling Podcast, Black said (as transcribed by SEScoops): “I’ve wrestled Dante Martin, but his brother, unfortunately–I privation him a speedy recovery–he had a truly nasty car accident. He’s retired for another, like, six to 9 months.”

Malakai Black was speaking astir moving with young endowment and erstwhile speaking of moving with Dante Martin, helium gave an update connected Darius’ health.