Matt Hardy Names AEW Star with the Potential of The Rock & Hulk Hogan

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When you deliberation of wrestling’s biggest ever stars, 2 names apt to travel to caput are The Rock and Hogan.

The Rock has transcended wrestling to go a starring antheral successful Hollywood, portion Hogan, for bully oregon bad, is inactive known astir the world.

Almost each wrestler wants to scope the aforesaid benignant of heights arsenic the “Brahma Bull oregon “The Hulkster,” but there’s 1 sanction who could person the imaginable to beryllium the adjacent breakout star.

The adjacent Rock and Hogan

Hardy has seen plentifulness of large names travel and spell passim his decades successful the wrestling manufacture and close now, he’s peculiarly precocious connected AEW‘s Wardlow.

Speaking to Drinks With Johnny, Hardy praised the young powerhouse successful a treatment astir whether immoderate wrestlers contiguous could person the mainstream entreaty arsenic Rock oregon Hogan.

“I consciousness similar Wardlow’s is simply a feline that mightiness person that anticipation present successful AEW. I deliberation he’s precise special, he’s a good-looking dude, chicks emotion him, he’s ace diversion and talented. You person a feline similar that and hopefully, that does elevate the presumption of a institution and benignant of their presumption wherever they tin turn and go much mainstream oregon whatever.”

Wardlow has been connected the emergence successful AEW with his biggest triumph truthful acold coming astatine past month’s Double oregon Nothing, wherever helium handily defeated MJF.

What’s adjacent for Wardlow?

On this week’s AEW Dynamite, Wardlow made it wide that helium has his eyes connected the TNT Championship.

Despite being successful AEW for implicit 2 years now, Wardlow has yet to clasp immoderate golden arsenic helium has spent astir of his vocation arsenic MJF’s bodyguard.

Today marks Scorpio Sky’s 53rd time during this 2nd reign (91 days overall) and with the MJF communicative finished, Wardlow could so beryllium adjacent successful enactment for a changeable astatine the gold.