Matt Hardy Says Childhood Trauma Caused Some of Jeff’s Issues

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Jeff Hardy has been arrested for driving nether the influence yet again, marking his 3rd DUI apprehension successful nether a decade.

Hardy’s problems with substances person seen him look suspensions successful WWE, Impact Wrestling and present AEW, successful a bittersweet repeated signifier of behaviour from the erstwhile World Champion.

On this week’s “Extreme Life” podcast, Matt said helium is doing each helium tin to enactment his younger member aft his latest run-in with the law.

Speaking astir what helium believes started Jeff’s problems, Matt said a traumatic puerility lawsuit had a profound effect connected “The Charismatic Enigma.” (via WrestlingNews)

“I consciousness similar immoderate of Jeff’s issues astir apt travel from our parent dying erstwhile helium was so, truthful young. That was ever an contented that helium carried with him deeply. I cognize 100%, the biggest happening that drives maine to enactment steadfast and not person an addiction contented astatine all, due to the fact that I’m definite I person an addictive personality, but the happening that keeps maine moving and stronger than thing other is my family, my children, specifically.”

Ruby Moore Hardy died successful 1986 of encephalon crab erstwhile Matt was conscionable 12 years aged and his member Jeff was nine.

What’s adjacent for Jeff Hardy?

This week, AEW President Tony Khan suspended Jeff without pay, stating that helium volition lone beryllium capable to instrumentality if helium tin beryllium his sobriety.

That is simply a immense setback for Jeff, but things could get overmuch worse for the fashionable albeit problematic star.

If convicted of a DUI, his 3rd successful 10 years, Jeff could look up to 5 years successful situation and up to $5,000 successful fines.