Mercedes Martinez Describes Difference Between WWE And AEW

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AEW has been described arsenic the onshore of originative state by many. According to Mercedes Martinez, the biggest quality compared to WWE is however accessible and receptive Tony Khan is.

The wrestling seasoned precocious had an interrogation with Complex Unsanctioned podcast. Among different things, she talked astir the quality betwixt WWE and AEW.

Martinez discussed however the AEW proprietor is engaged man. Despite it, helium is precise accessible and responsive to talents:

“I tin substance him, I tin connection him whenever I want, If I person ideas oregon anything, he’s arsenic accessible arsenic helium tin be. That’s a large quality going from WWE to here.”

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Mercedes Martinez noted that Khan is the 1 that makes the decisions. So the information that helium listens to people’s concerns is simply a large thing:

“He’s the boss, he’s the man, he’s the 1 that makes the decisions, and the information that helium listens to you and your concerns and immoderate you person for creative, [it’s great]. I emotion that originative state you person to archer your communicative wherever you spot fit.”

Mercedes Martinez is simply a 22-year seasoned of the wrestling industry. She has worked for each large promotions successful the US successful this time. This database includes WWE, AEW, ROH, Impact Wrestling and galore more.

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