Michael Johnson Explains Why He Was In A Dark Place Prior to UFC Vegas 54: “You End Up Being Alone”

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Las Vegas, NV — Michael Johnson picked up a much-needed triumph astatine UFC Vegas 54, but helium was successful a acheronian spread for a while.

On the verge of getting cut, Johnson came up big, knocking retired Alan Patrick successful the 2nd circular of their fight. The triumph snapped Johnson’s four-fight losing streak, the longest of his career. The knockout triumph implicit Patrick was 1 of the amended moments successful Johnson’s career.

“It felt great. Honestly, I’ve been done a batch successful my life. I’ve had a batch of large wins; I’ve had a batch of upsets oregon devastating losses. But that was 1 of the amended moments of beingness conscionable due to the fact that I was successful specified a acheronian spread and went done truthful overmuch to get to this point,” Johnson told Cageside Press during his post-fight interview. “A twelvemonth and a fractional layoff being broke, trying to fig retired things. It feels good. I felt truly bully this week, and it showed; I had amusive tonight.”

Johnson would grow connected however helium got into specified a acheronian place.

“When you’re astir astatine the apical oregon astatine the top, and past you’re conscionable reduced to nothing. I mean, it feels terrible, you know, it feels similar sh*t, particularly being an athlete. We’re each considered alpha males, and we’re similar the champion of the best. And past you’re sitting back, realizing you’re not the champion of the best,” Johnson said. “You conscionable mislaid 4 successful a row, something’s going wrong, you extremity up being unsocial due to the fact that your phone’s not ringing arsenic much, you’re not hanging retired with people, radical are benignant of turning their backs to you, which is simply a bully happening astatine this point.”

“So present you person clip to absorption connected yourself and what you do. But um, it’s great. Like I said, being broke, trying to fig out, you know, which mode to spell successful life? Do I truly inactive privation to fight? F*ck yes, I inactive privation to fight. I’m not giving this up, you know, truthful it’s unthinkable to get retired of that hole.”

The 35-year-old UFC seasoned didn’t consciousness similar helium was warring for his occupation connected Saturday; rather, helium was warring for his life.

“I felt similar I was warring for my life. Like, hide the job, you cognize what I mean? Like yeah, I request to marque ends meet, you cognize what I mean? I request to beryllium successful. This is wherever I get my main paycheck. This is wherever I instrumentality attraction of myself, and I tin assistance my household and get done hard times,” Johnson said. “I decidedly needed this; I decidedly needed to get backmost connected way to get a small spot of value disconnected my shoulders. And I wasn’t going to beryllium satisfied with a decision. I needed to spell retired determination and enactment a connection triumph on, to amusement and beryllium to everybody successful the UFC that ‘hey, I inactive got it.’ I’m not going anywhere. I’m 35, and I’m conscionable getting better.”

If you were wondering wherefore Bruce Buffer didn’t denote Johnson arsenic “The Menace,” that’s due to the fact that it was a small messiness up. Last year, Johnson dropped his nickname, but anterior to this fight, helium brought it back. Buffer didn’t get the memo, sadly.

“Yeah, it was conscionable due to the fact that I wanted to get backmost to myself and my roots, but I did bring it back, and they didn’t accidental it! I was astir to archer Bruce, ‘No, it’s The Menace now; I’m back.’ But I conscionable fto it go; we’ll marque definite to get it done this adjacent time. So, it is Michael ‘Menace’ Johnson until I retire, which mightiness beryllium 10 years,” Johnson said.

Johnson said helium wants to instrumentality for International Fight Week, with UFC 276 connected July 2, but didn’t person immoderate names. However, helium said if helium has to combat an up-and-comer, helium will.

Watch the remainder of Michael Johnson’s UFC Vegas 54 post-fight interrogation above. More sum from the lawsuit tin beryllium recovered below.