Michael Page Explains Why Mike Perry Needs To “Be Careful” In London

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Michael Page has sent upcoming hostile Mike Perry a informing up of his travel crossed the Atlantic to England’s superior aboriginal this summer.

In 1 of 2022’s much bizarre and eyebrow-raising announcements, it was precocious revealed that #2-ranked Bellator welterweight “Venom” Page volition quadrate disconnected with erstwhile UFC combatant “Platinum” Perry nether the promotional banner of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

While Perry signed a multi-fight woody with BKFC past October and debuted with a triumph implicit Julian Lane earlier this year, MVP remains nether declaration with Bellator. The Londoner lone precocious competed successful the cage, falling abbreviated of interim golden against Logan Storey successful the Bellator 281 headliner past month.

Keen to enactment progressive and research different opportunities earlier looking to resume his pursuit of MMA gold, and with the blessing of the Scott Coker-led promotion, Page has chosen to research bare-knuckle boxing for the archetypal time.

With that, he’ll spell toe-to-toe with Perry astatine BKFC 27 successful London connected August 20.

The matchup volition correspond a stark opposition from Page’s latest opponent, who chopped a mostly respectful and low-key figure. There are galore words to picture Perry, and low-key surely isn’t 1 of them.

Perry’s antics were connected afloat show anterior to his BKFC debut successful February. From a ringside brawl successful Tampa to a heated property league and pre-fight face-off, “Platinum” announced his accomplishment with an animosity-fueled bout.

While helium didn’t drawback the full fight, Page unsurprisingly didn’t negociate to debar Perry and Lane’s backmost and distant connected his societal media feeds.

“I’ve seen him vie before, years and years agone erstwhile helium was doing mixed martial arts,” Page said during an interrogation with MMA Underground’s John Morgan. “Then (his) bare-knuckle (debut) recently, I kept seeing his property conferences coming up connected my feed, looked similar they had a spot of an breathtaking property conference.”

While he’s hoping to interact with the ‘real’ Mike Perry travel August, “Venom” did pass the Michigan autochthonal that he’ll beryllium entering a metropolis that mightiness not instrumentality kindly to his accustomed antics.

“For me, personally, I bask anybody who’s conscionable being themselves. If that’s him, past that is him. But yeah, you are coming to London. So, I’d suggest you beryllium careful, conscionable a small bit,” warned Page. “And it’s not due to the fact that of me, it’s due to the fact that of however different radical volition instrumentality it. They look to instrumentality it a batch much superior than me… You mightiness tally into a small spot of occupation if you spell excessively far.”

Perry has proved that helium has small contented with playing the villain, thing that’ll travel successful useful erstwhile helium enters force territory to propulsion down with hometown lad Page.

Who bash you deliberation volition person their manus raised connected August 20, Michael Page oregon Mike Perry?