Mike Perry: A Loss To Julian Lane “Would Have Been It For Me”

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Mike Perry is relieved helium won his BKFC combat against Julian Lane.

Mike Perry conscionable had his archetypal bare-knuckle fight this past weekend, and helium is blessed helium won, oregon other it could person been his last. Perry bushed erstwhile UFC combatant Julian Lane successful the main lawsuit of BKFC Knucklemania 2. This bare-knuckle task for Perry was not expected to beryllium an “end of the road” benignant situation, but Perry explains however it could person turned retired that way.

“He brought it arsenic acold arsenic talkin’ trash, being determination successful the combat adjacent aft I wounded him—he tried,” Perry told MMA Fighting. “He brought it, helium wanted to win, and I didn’t fto him. And had it gone the different way, that would person been it for me. Like, you can’t suffer to that guy, adjacent oregon not. That’s the unit that was connected me.”

 Mike Perry out-slugs Julian Lane, wins unanimous decisionMike Perry vs. Julian Lane astatine BKFC Knucklemania 2

This BKFC combat came aft Perry fought retired his UFC contract. During his clip with the UFC, helium went 7-8. The past fewer years were peculiarly bad, with Perry losing 7 of his past 10 fights. His merchandise whitethorn person travel overmuch sooner had helium not been specified a colorful character. Perry’s cognition and antics extracurricular the cage marque him a gully and fans typically either emotion him oregon hatred him.

Perry has besides been in blistery h2o with the instrumentality respective times over the past fewer years. After his UFC departure, this accidental astatine BKFC could person served arsenic a caller beginning. Now that helium has won the combat bout via unanimous decision, determination are plentifulness of opportunities for him successful this promotion, if helium chooses to stay. Bare-knuckle boxing has go precise fashionable implicit the past twelvemonth oregon truthful and having a quality similar Perry headlining cards is definite to marque radical privation to tune in.

Perry is fitting the portion with his ongoing unpredictable behavior. He adjacent showed up to the pre-fight property league with a shot bat! “Platinum Mike” is surely playing the portion perfectly and possibly could find his mode backmost to MMA soon.

Do you deliberation Mike Perry would person discontinue warring with a nonaccomplishment astatine BKFC to Julian Lane?

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