Miranda Maverick Game to Fight Molly McCann at UFC London in July

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Back astatine UFC Vegas 50 successful March, Miranda Maverick got herself backmost successful the triumph column, snapping the archetypal two-fight skid of her career.

And portion Maverick (10-4) doesn’t needfully spot 1 of those fights arsenic a loss, she’s good alert of however important the triumph was, fixed what an 0-3 agelong successful the UFC tin mean.

“The Maycee Barber fight, we tin accidental what we volition astir that one, I inactive don’t deliberation it was a loss,” Maverick told Cageside Press successful an exclusive interview. “But the Erin Blanchfield 1 was a existent loss, and I wanted to get my sanction backmost successful the ring, and amusement that I’m determination to stay. And I privation to amusement that I person to well-rounded accomplishment set, and grappling too.”

Maverick believes she did conscionable that against Sabina Mazo. “I’ve truly been trying to incorporated caller worldly with my striking, not conscionable spell my emblematic bully self, and effort to bull unreserved arsenic my manager calls it. I’ve been trying to enactment backwards a lot,” she told us. “This was really a combat wherever I got to beryllium the bully a small bit. And I got to usage a batch of well-roundedness. I got to amusement my striking, got to amusement my wrestling, get a batch of takedowns, fto her backmost up and enactment immoderate much striking, enactment retired of the clinch.”

“Basically we conscionable perfected the full crippled plan, and past I conscionable saw an accidental successful the 2nd circular and went for it.”

Mazo coiled up chopped from the promotion pursuing the fight, which Maverick won by submission. Much similar different erstwhile Maverick opponent, Lianna Jojoua, earlier her. The communicative that these fighters “suck” arsenic a effect is thing that bothers Maverick.

“All these girls, aft I combat them, past the fans are similar ‘well they sucked.’ First off, that insults my performance, that’s a disrespect to my performance. Second off, these girls are successful the UFC. They don’t suck,” stated Maverick. “They’re truly good. And adjacent different girls that you whitethorn spot retired determination that look amended than them, it’s usually due to the fact that they’re facing lesser-skilled individuals, truthful it makes them look better.”

Back successful the triumph column, Maverick has an thought of wherever she wants to combat next: London. Against Molly McCann. “No effect from her, unfortunately, but I’m hoping capable eyes spot that, I’m hoping Mick [Maynard, UFC matchmaker] sees that, I’m hoping it gets online and gets done.” July is “a small aboriginal than I wanted,” Maverick noted, “but hey, I’m down. Let’s bash it. She wants it successful her location municipality to marque her a small happier, she wants to suffer successful her ain town, that’s good with maine too.”

Watch our afloat interrogation with UFC flyweight Miranda Maverick above.