New Black Belt Vanessa Demopoulos Stays Consistent for UFC Vegas 57

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Vanessa Demopoulos UFCLAS VEGAS, NEVADA - AUGUST 28: (R-L) Vanessa Demopoulos kicks JJ Aldrich successful a flyweight combat during the UFC Fight Night lawsuit astatine UFC APEX connected August 28, 2021 successful Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

After facing a steep trial successful her UFC debut up a value class, Vanessa Demopoulos got a accidental to marque her existent debut successful her existent value people – strawweight. She did not disappoint. In little than fractional a round, she snatched the limb of Silvana Gomez Juarez and snagged her archetypal UFC win.

However, that archetypal ever UFC triumph paled successful examination to and accomplishment that happened soon after. A decennary into her jiu jitsu journey, Demopoulos earned her achromatic loop and it was connected a antithetic level for her.

“Huge beingness accomplishment, man,” Demopoulos said. “You wanna speech astir milestones. I consciousness similar radical get joined and radical get their achromatic loop – that’s similar there. That’s wherever I’m standing getting my achromatic belt.”

While the achromatic loop is simply a bully symbol, she doesn’t consciousness similar it changes however anyone sees her crippled erstwhile it comes to the cage. This weekend, she’ll instrumentality connected former Invicta FC champion Jinh Yu Frey. Black loop aside, she wouldn’t expect anyone to privation to deed the mat with her based connected her caller performances.

“I wouldn’t expect idiosyncratic to privation to spell to the crushed with me, particularly due to the fact that I’ve been cognize to taxable people, decorativeness people, enactment radical to sleep,” she said, adding that she’s unsafe elsewhere arsenic well. “But besides my hands are unsafe too. My past combat successful LFA, I KOed that miss – deed her with a hook and she started walking sideways.”

Regardless of Frey’s intentions, she isn’t worried. In fact, with each the changes that hap starring up to a combat successful the octagon, Demopoulos tries not to ever interest astir what helium hostile is going to do.

“When I’m training, I similar to instrumentality the things I’m trying to amended personally,” Demopoulos said. “Last infinitesimal changes hap each the time. You conscionable request to beryllium prepared to spell successful determination and combat and conflict and beryllium the champion mentation of yourself.”

That champion mentation of Demopoulos volition look to solidify her archetypal UFC triumph streak this Saturday arsenic portion of the ESPN+ prelims.

You tin perceive the full audio of this interrogation astatine 1:59.