New Japan President Open To AEWxNJPW Event in Japan

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NJPW President Takami Ohbari isn’t opposed to having a 2nd crossover lawsuit with AEW successful Japan.

Earlier this month, Tony Khan and Ohbari announced a associated PPV lawsuit dubbed, “Forbidden Door.” This peculiar crossover amusement volition beryllium held wrong the United Center successful Chicago, Illinois connected June 26.

Forbidden Door 2?

During an interrogation with Sports Illustrated, Takami Ohbari said that Japan is present unfastened to planetary workers, making question overmuch little of an issue. Japan took utmost lockdown measures during the COVID-19 pandemic and it was much semipermanent than galore would’ve liked.

Ohbari says present the doorway is unfastened for a imaginable Forbidden Door portion 2 successful Japan.

“Traveling betwixt Japan and the U.S. is nary longer a important problem,” says Ohbari, who besides addressed whether determination volition beryllium a follow-up lawsuit with AEW successful Japan. “If Japanese fans are invested successful this lawsuit and the request is there, past determination volition perfectly beryllium the impetus for america to instrumentality the adjacent measurement of holding an lawsuit successful Japan.”

Ohbari went connected to accidental that his main absorption is connected ensuring that NJPW represents itself to the highest bid this June.

“NJPW and AEW volition unfastened the ‘Forbidden Door’ unneurotic this June, but what lies connected the different broadside is thing we volition each person to hold to find out,” Ohbari says. “One guarantee: I ever accidental that NJPW’s wrestlers transportation the pridefulness and the combat of chaotic lions. Whomever they combat against, oregon whomever they adjacent squad with, they volition transportation a warring tone that is unmatched and unbeatable.”