New Report Explains KUSHIDA’s Absence From The NJPW BOSJ Tournament

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New Japan Pro Wrestling precocious revealed the afloat database of participants successful this year’s Best of the Super Juniors, 1 of the promotion’s astir prestigious tournaments that rewards the victor with a aboriginal accidental astatine the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title, presently held by Bullet Club’s Taiji Ishimori.

One sanction who was noticeably absent from that database was KUSHIDA, who became a escaped cause earlier this twelvemonth pursuing his merchandise from WWE‘s NXT marque connected April 18th. While determination has been nary confirmation oregon authoritative announcement, speculation is that the erstwhile multi-time Junior champion volition instrumentality to NJPW astatine immoderate point. However, a caller study has surfaced explaining wherefore helium KUSHIDA’s sanction was disconnected the list.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, KUSHIDA did not privation to instrumentality to NJPW and vie successful the inferior division, thing helium did extensively for the institution during his archetypal tally betwixt 2010-2019. The afloat punctuation from the study reads:

“The tourney looks to beryllium precise beardown for lucifer quality, but it’s doubtful it tin interaction years past erstwhile Ospreay and Takagi were the apical inferior stars. It’s besides notable nary Kushida successful the tournament. Kushida didn’t privation to instrumentality and beryllium classified arsenic a inferior heavyweight.”

KUSHIDA hopes to travel the aforesaid way arsenic erstwhile IWGP satellite champion’s Shingo Takagi and Will Ospreay, 2 apical stars who worked determination mode done the juniors and onto the heavyweight division. This year’s tourney is acceptable to statesman connected May 15th and tally done the summer.