Nikki Bella Set To Host Celebrity Game Show On USA Network

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Nikki Bella volition beryllium backmost connected USA Network but it won’t beryllium for WWE.

Deadline reports that instrumentalist Blake Shelton and Carson Daly will beryllium teaming up to commencement a caller crippled amusement titled, “Barmageddon.” The amusement volition beryllium airing connected USA Network. On the show, celebrities volition vie successful a bid of barroom games.

Nikki Bella Hosting Barmageddon

Nikki Bella volition service arsenic the big of the upcoming crippled show. Shelton volition beryllium connected signifier with his location band, portion Daly volition beryllium down the bar.

Here’s an authoritative statement of Barmageddon:

“In each episode, 2 celebrities volition play a unsocial acceptable of 5 games successful the barroom to triumph a much-needed prize for a viral Internet sensation each has chosen to support. Plucked from obscurity pursuing their epic misadventures connected the Internet, these now-infamous stars find themselves astatine Ole Red hoping to beryllium redeemed.

The contention heats up erstwhile the losing rival of each circular has a accidental to adjacent the people by spinning the Wheel of Redemption, a risky determination with hilarious consequences. Shelton and Daly volition connection words of encouragement – and heckling, of people – to their personage friends.

On occasion, they mightiness adjacent measurement successful to amusement disconnected their skills and play a crippled oregon two. Ultimately, the winning squad takes location a prize portion the losing personage indispensable judge the shame of defeat. But this is Barmageddon – adjacent if they did not win, astatine slightest they had a ton of amusive trying.”

The amusement volition beryllium filmed successful Blake Shelton’s ain bar, Ole Red, successful Nashville.

Bella made waves backmost successful April erstwhile she said she’d beryllium unfastened to a WWE return during a Q&A league for America’s Got Talent: Extreme. She said that if the doctors springiness her clearance, past she won’t regularisation retired the possibility.