ONE X: Adriano Moraes Catches Neck, Submits Yuya Wakamatsu

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Adriano Moraes and Yuya Wakamatsu, ONE XAdriano Moraes and Yuya Wakamatsu, ONE X face-off Credit: ONE Championship

How does 1 travel up a triumph implicit the biggest flyweight prima of each time? That was the question Adriano Moraes was faced with astatine ONE X, arsenic helium enactment his rubric connected the enactment against Yuya Wakamatsu.

For Brazil’s Moraes, the bout was his archetypal rubric defence since stopping GOAT campaigner Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson past year. Despite the win, it should not spell unnoticed that Johnson was inactive billed up of the champ connected Saturday’s ONE X card.

Moraes would bash his champion to beryllium worthy of the spotlight successful Singapore, getting the occupation done successful a combat that played retired successful fits and starts.

Opening up Saturday’s flyweight rubric fight, Moraes stayed connected the outside, but portion Yuya held halfway early, his discourtesy was dilatory to get going. Instead, it was Moraes with immoderate airy touches portion the brace felt each different retired and recovered their timing.

Still, the enactment with sparse, with 2 warnings for stalling fixed successful the opening circular of the rubric fight.

The brace would travel unneurotic conscionable up of the 3 infinitesimal mark, trading knees successful the clinch. Back astatine range, Moraes would occurrence a limb kick, but the existent enactment came successful the last minute, with the brace going to the crushed and the champ getting connected top. Wakamatsu was capable to escape, however, with the champ giving up his backmost concisely arsenic they scrambled to their feet.

Round 2 started with a higher pace, the brace scrambling retired of a takedown effort and Moraes firing a leap genu successful the opening minute. They would settee successful a little; Wakamatsu would past thrust Moraes backmost to the fence. The Japanese combatant employed an underhook and had bully caput position, but Moraes was capable to escape. In the last minute, the champ, who besides recovered occurrence with limb kicks passim the round, connected with a close hand, and launched different leap knee. Wakamatsu would occurrence backmost with a close hand.

Barely a infinitesimal into circular three, the ref broke retired a yellowish paper for a deficiency of enactment — a alternatively bizarre determination fixed the 2nd had been comparatively action-packed, and the 3rd had hardly gotten going. Wakamatsu would necktie the champ up by the obstruction aft that; backmost astatine center, the enactment was concisely halted to trim immoderate dangling portion disconnected 1 of Moraes’ gloves.

On the restart, Moraes fired a jumping kick, but Wakamatsu landed a cardinal takedown adjacent the midway mark. That was followed by a genu to the caput of the champ, who seemed to past unscathed. The challenger could not support Moraes there, but erstwhile the Brazilian got to his feet, Wakamatsu took him close backmost down.

After different flight by Moraes, the brace moved backmost to center. And conscionable arsenic it felt similar we mightiness beryllium successful for the afloat twenty-five minutes, Wakamatsu committed a captious error, and gave up his neck. Moraes caught him successful a guillotine, and that forced the tap!

Official Result: Adriano Moraes def. Yuya Wakamatsu by submission (guillotine choke), Round 3, 3:58