Paige VanZant Details The Perks Of Subscribing To Her Personal Website

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BKFC prima and erstwhile UFC women’s flyweight Paige VanZant has pinpointed the biggest perks of subscribing to her exclusive contented website.

While she made her sanction wrong the Octagon, wherever she threw down against the likes of existent strawweight champion Rose Namajunas, Michelle Waterson, Tecia Torres, and Felice Herrig, VanZant’s prominence has lone risen since she departed MMA’s biggest stage successful 2020.

As good arsenic signing a lucrative declaration with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, the 28-year-old has accrued her fanbase done an progressive beingness connected societal media, including the instauration of her ain big contented tract and a carefree cognition erstwhile it comes to her posts.

During a caller interrogation with MMA Junkie’s Mike Bohn, VanZant admitted that palmy societal media promotion and posting person ever travel people to her, hence the fruitful opening of her exclusive page.

Discussing the benefits of her idiosyncratic site, “12 Gauge” cited the quality to pass one-on-one with her arsenic the biggest perk for those who take to subscribe.

“I deliberation my full career, passim the UFC aboriginal on, everyone said I was a maestro astatine societal media. I inactive consciousness similar I am. It’s decidedly another—not a full-time occupation for me, it’s much to person fun,” said VanZant. “I get to communicate. The quality betwixt regular societal media, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook—those are each things I bash person and I’m precise progressive on—this (personal site), it’s a prime radical of radical that are paying for my time, truthful I consciousness similar they get that one-on-one interaction.

“I get to speech to radical personally each day, whereas connected Instagram, and Facebook, and Twitter, I’m not capable to respond to everybody, each the time,” VanZant continued. “So I find the equilibrium truly easy. It’s thing I person a batch of amusive with. In-between grooming sessions, I tin get connected there, and speech to people, and respond.”

While she’s possibly ne'er been capable to scope the precocious echelons successful combat sports, contempt showing aboriginal committedness with a 3-0 slate successful the UFC, VanZant’s falters successful the cage and the ring haven’t prevented her from amassing a ample following.

On Instagram, the Oregon autochthonal boasts implicit 3 cardinal followers, which is much than each 4 reigning pistillate titleholders successful the UFC. With that successful mind, VanZant is good placed to connection proposal to those aspiring to go societal media influencers.

“I don’t caput sharing (advice) astatine all,” VanZant said. “I don’t truly person secrets. I consciousness similar I don’t ever—my candle doesn’t dim by lighting idiosyncratic else’s. For me, I archer everybody, ‘You person to station each day.’ I deliberation it’s important to beryllium arsenic authentic arsenic possible. Truly, beryllium yourself, due to the fact that otherwise, it comes disconnected arsenic corny oregon cheesy. People conscionable wanna cognize the existent you. That’s, I consciousness like, wherefore I’ve had a batch of success.

“It’s maine and my hubby messing astir connected Instagram, oregon messing astir connected Facebook, oregon posting our lives. On my TikTok, you tin spot a batch of the comic things that maine and my hubby do… I besides get to stock my combat side, my fun, sexy side,” added VanZant. “For immoderate girls that privation to effort to enactment their ft in, I guess, that exclusive contented door, the nexus successful my profile, you tin spell connected determination and there’s a nexus that says, ‘Create your ain contented site.'”

While her societal media and exclusive contented volition nary uncertainty proceed to turn successful the coming months and years, VanZant’s warring travel isn’t finished yet. As good arsenic precocious signing with nonrecreational wrestling enactment AEW, “12 Gauge” is acceptable to instrumentality to BKFC enactment successful London this summer.

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