Pat McAfee Reveals How Often WWE Is Drug Testing Him

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Pat McAfee has revealed however often WWE is cause investigating him arsenic a rival and SmackDown Live commentator.

McAfee was precocious a impermanent connected The Dan Patrick Show, wherever helium talked astir his clip with the company. McAfee noted that, since joining WWE, helium has been tested “numerous” times.

“They cause trial alternatively often astatine the WWE,” McAfee said. “Yes, they really bash now. There are ever going to beryllium radical that speech astir immoderate radical possibly aren’t getting tested.

“There’s ever conspiracy theories astir everything, but I’ve been tested and fixed my humor to the WWE galore times.… There was a batch of things that hap whenever you commencement injecting your assemblage with stuff.

“And radical who were already possibly precocious vigor oregon precise emotional, and past determination was immoderate worldly that has happened done the improvement of quality and the improvement of WWE wherever they person had to enactment successful antithetic rules.”

Pat McAfee(via WWE)

WWE has truly ramped up their wellness argumentation implicit the years. No substance however large the star, seemingly cipher is fixed immoderate leeway erstwhile it comes to the wellness policy. Names specified arsenic Roman Reigns, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, and much person faced suspensions implicit the years for failing cause tests.

As for Pat McAfee, he’s apt tested much owed to WWE besides utilizing him arsenic an in-ring rival arsenic well. Back astatine WrestleMania 38, McAfee went one-on-one with Theory successful a bout that the ex-NFL punter won.

However, helium subsequently mislaid an impromptu lucifer to Vince McMahon moments later. At SummerSlam past weekend, McAfee returned to the ring, defeating Happy Corbin successful a singles contention arsenic well.

McAfee volition stay a regular astatine the SmackDown Live commentary desk, portion apt continuing to instrumentality to the ringing connected occasion.

Quotes via Wrestling Inc.