Penta El Zero M Superkicks Tay Conti Into Oblivion (Video)

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Tay Conti has learned that you don’t messiness with Penta El Zero M.

AAA held its TripleMania: Monterrey lawsuit this past Saturday nighttime (April 30). Tay was successful enactment connected the show. She teamed with Sammy Guevara to instrumentality connected Los Vipers, Maravilla and Látigo, and Sexy Star II and Komander. The AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship was connected the line.

In the end, Tay and Sammy won to seizure the gold.

Tay didn’t locomotion distant unscathed, however. At 1 point, she recovered herself connected the incorrect extremity of a superkick courtesy of Penta El Zero M.

LMAOO, Penta gave nary fucks, retired present doing Gods work…super kicking tf retired Tay Conti astatine #TripleMania30 ?

— EliteAEW®?? (@EIiteAEW) May 1, 2022