PFL 1 2022: Rob Wilkinson’s Move To 205 Pays Off

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Arlington, TX – After a abbreviated stint successful the UFC arsenic a middleweight Rob Wilkinson has made the determination to airy heavyweight and kicked disconnected PFL 2022 play with a TKO triumph implicit Bruce Souto connected Wednesday night.

“Went retired determination and tried to beryllium spot much relaxed than I usually am. I was feeling him retired helium was moving his caput well, I onshore that jab, and helium benignant of rushed guardant and I got the clinch. My basal is wrestling truthful I was blessed to instrumentality him down. He kept moving backmost up but helium benignant of giving maine bully positions to conscionable instrumentality him backmost down,” Wilkinson told reporters successful his post-fight scrum.

This was Wilkinson’s PFL debut and to commencement it disconnected with a decorativeness was precisely what helium was looking for.

“I decidedly wanted a finish. That astir apt sums up maine arsenic a combatant beauteous good that fight. So it was a bully debut,” said Wilkinson.

Following his merchandise from the UFC Wilkinson moved up to 205 pounds and fought doubly earlier signing with PFL.

“After the merchandise from the UFC I was cutting a load of weight. I didn’t consciousness myself successful my past MMA combat successful the UFC astatine middleweight. I took immoderate clip disconnected aft the release. I had a fewer kickboxing fights astatine airy heavyweight, 95 kilos, and I decided it was overmuch much comfy for me. I was enjoying warring a batch much not stressing astir the value chopped and sidesplitting myself similar a week oregon 2 before. Main happening was performing better, and I tin devour a spot much chocolate,” Wilkinson said.

As for calling idiosyncratic retired for his adjacent bout Wilkinson helium declined to take an opponent.

“I haven’t truly looked. Honestly idiosyncratic other asked maine that, if I’ve been looking astatine different fighters, there’s 10 of them. I person 1 combat I don’t cognize who I’m going to combat adjacent truthful there’s nary constituent worrying astir who’s next,” helium said.

“Whoever they springiness maine I’m blessed with, yeah.”

Watch the remainder of Rob Wilkinson’s post-fight scrum above. For much from PFL’s 2022 play opener cheque retired