PFL 1: Omari Akhmedov Says This Was His Real PFL Debut

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Arlington, TX – The determination up to 205 seems to person done wonders for PFL airy heavyweight Omari Akhmedov who finished Viktor Pesta via archetypal circular KO astatine PFL’s play opener connected Wednesday night.

“I was expecting to get a knockout. Overall erstwhile I saw his fights earlier I figured he’s beauteous slow. So I had a bully accidental to decorativeness him the clip is over,” Akhmedov told reporters successful his post-fight scrum done a translator.

Akhmedov’s crippled program to punish the pb limb of Pesta seemed to enactment conscionable arsenic his coaches predicted it would.

“The archetypal program was to bushed up his beforehand leg. So that’s erstwhile I saw him dilatory adjacent much down. Then conscionable decorativeness up going from there,” Akhmedov said.

Akhmedov came into this combat aft losing his debut bout successful October 2021 against Jordan Young. Did helium consciousness that this was his existent PFL debut?

“Yes, of course,” said Akhmedov.

Having fought successful galore divisions successful his vocation it seems arsenic though the determination to airy heavyweight should person been thing Akhmedov did sooner alternatively than later.

“No, nary regrets. The occupation is determination is nary 84 kilo class here, and if thing I’m underweight. A batch of guys are trying to pain value and each that stuff. When I aftermath up I really didn’t person to chopped much. That was not an contented for me. So yea it’s not thing that I regret,” Akhmedov said.

For galore Muslim fighters having to bid and combat during Ramadan tin beryllium challenging. Some fighters garbage to instrumentality bouts during the season, but for Akhmedov it wasn’t a problem.

“Yes that’s a beatified period for america and we usually effort to support it peaceful. As you mightiness person noticed I did not truly observe due to the fact that it’s much humble period for us. But you cognize it conscionable coincided the PFL. I had to bash what I had to do, but I’m conscionable trying not to observe excessively overmuch and praise myself. Again it’s each astir humility this month,” Akhmedov said.

“Stay humble and respect each other.”

Watch the remainder of Omari Akhmedov post-fight scrum above. For much from PFL’s 2022 play opener cheque retired