PFL 2 2022: Brendan Loughnane Reveals He Broke His Hand In Tyler Diamond Fight

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Just astir each combatant has gone into a combat injured. You tin adhd PFL featherweight Brendan Loughnane to that list.

Loughnane returns to enactment to footwear disconnected his 2022 PFL play connected April 28. When helium was past successful action, helium mislaid a divided determination to the eventual tourney winner, Movlid Khaybulaev. The 32-year-old was dealing with a manus injury, and nary 1 was the wiser.

“There was a batch of factors going into that fight, and I should not truly person been successful the fight, but I did it anyway. Don’t regret anything. I had a large combat with my blood,” Loughnane told Cageside Press recently.

When asked what factors helium was dealing with, helium revealed that he’d suffered the wounded successful a erstwhile fight.

“I broke my manus successful the Tyler Diamond [fight]. And, you know, my manager was like, propulsion retired and everyone was like, propulsion out, propulsion out, propulsion out,” Loughnane said. “But I didn’t privation to fto everyone down. So I had country and fought 4 weeks later; it’s beauteous overmuch unheard of, similar nobody’s done that. So I did it. I rolled the dice and inactive came up with a divided decision. With the circumstances, I’m blessed with the mode it went. But you know, obviously, this year, I cognize however the format works. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And I’ll beryllium looking to instrumentality my combat IQ now.”

The English combatant besides revealed that his nonaccomplishment was a wake-up telephone because, for the archetypal clip successful his career, Khaybulaev’s wrestling was excessively much.

“He truly implemented his wrestling connected me, and he’s been the archetypal combatant truthful acold successful my full career, which is simply a 14-year career, that has been capable to instrumentality wrestling similar that. So it was a spot of a wake-up call. Since then, I’ve been grooming with a batch of Dagastani’s, a batch of Russians, a batch of large wrestlers successful Thailand and tried to hole the holes,” Loughnane said.

Loughnane welcomes Ryoji Kudo to the PFL this Thursday connected ESPN.

Watch the remainder of our interrogation with PFL 2’s Brendan Loughnane above.