PFL 2 2022: Bruno Cappelozza Bought A House For His Family After “Happiest And Saddest Moment In My Life”

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The past clip Bruno Cappelozza was successful the PFL astute cage, it was the happiest and the saddest infinitesimal successful his life.

Cappelozza (14-5) returns to enactment for the 2022 PFL play arsenic a defending heavyweight champion and 1 cardinal dollars richer. Last year, the Brazilian heavyweight fought successful a rematch with Ante Delija successful the 2021 PFL Championship, coming retired victorious successful an implicit war.

Literally seconds aft winning the loop and the cardinal dollars, helium was fixed the quality that his father, Joao Cappelozza, had passed distant 3 days anterior to his title performance. The quality crushed the caller heavyweight champion.

“It was the happiest and the saddest infinitesimal successful my life,” Cappelozza told Cageside Press done his translator, Eduardo Lima. “My dada was my biggest fan, my biggest supporter. He helped maine get to wherever I’m astatine close now, truthful that was a pugnacious day.”

Winning the loop was that overmuch much special, according to the Brazilian. “It conscionable made it adjacent much special. I made it for an adjacent much eventful moment, not lone for myself but for my full family.”

Family is indispensable to Cappelozza. His archetypal acquisition aft winning his prize wealth was a location for his family.

“Thanks to God, I was capable to acquisition a location for my family,” Cappelozza said.

The Brazilian knocked retired everyone during the 2021 play and plans to bash the aforesaid this year. The archetypal idiosyncratic successful his mode is Stuart Austin.

Watch the remainder of our interrogation with Bruno Cappelozza above. Cappelozza vs. Austin is the main lawsuit of PFL 2 2022 and tin beryllium seen contiguous connected ESPN 2.