PFL 2 2022: Bruno Cappelozza Pounds Out Stuart Austin, Starts Journey Back to Championship

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Bruno Cappelozza PFL 2Bruno Cappelozza, PFL 2 astatine the Esports Stadium Arlington successful Arlington, Texas, Thursday, April 28, 2022. (Cooper Neill / PFL)

There is nary much heartbreaking of a occurrence communicative successful nonrecreational sports than that of Bruno Cappelozza.

Just moments aft helium captured the PFL heavyweight rubric and claimed a cardinal dollars successful prize wealth past season, Cappelozza’s joyousness turned to sorrow arsenic his squad informed him that his begetter had died 3 days prior. His household had held backmost the news, truthful arsenic not to distract him from the task astatine hand. It worked — helium won, and nary uncertainty made his begetter arrogant — but the infinitesimal was 1 helium called both the happiest and saddest of his life.

At PFL 2 connected Thursday night, Cappelozza opened up his 2022 run against England’s Stuart Austin. Austin had campaigned for the fight, aft a one-and-done quality for the league past year.

Utilizing immoderate debased kicks early, it wasn’t agelong earlier Cappelozza had clinched up with Austin on the fence. Cappelozza changed levels, hunted for a azygous leg, but Austin displayed immoderate coagulated balance. When helium yet was taken down, the Brit was close backmost to his feet; helium concisely looked for a guillotine, and Cappelozza backed up, resetting.

This time, erstwhile Cappelozza moved in, helium landed a near hook; Austin changeable for a takedown, but couldn’t onshore it. Cappelozza stayed dense connected him, looking for a assemblage fastener from the backmost arsenic Austin went to a knee. Pressure was cardinal for Cappelozza, but Austin would enactment upright, and they’d determination backmost to center. Austin, however, was cracked by a close manus moments later, and coiled up dropped to the crushed covering up!

Bruno lands a changeable and drops Stuart successful the 1st#2022PFL2

— PFL (@PFLMMA) April 29, 2022

Cappelozza moved into fractional guard; Austin looked to necktie him up with an overhook, past fought the wrists, taking clip disconnected the clock. Cappelozza moved to mount, parallel to the fence, and Austin would up covering up arsenic Cappelozza dropped bombs, which soon sent the ref in!

The large decorativeness from Cappelozza was 1 of respective stoppages by the heavyweights connected the PFL 2 card. Ante Delija, Renan Ferreira, and Denis Goltsov besides got the occupation done early, successful what looks similar a competitory heavyweight field.

6 Points and the 1st circular decorativeness for Bruno Cappelozza!#2022PFL2

— PFL (@PFLMMA) April 29, 2022

Official Result: Bruno Cappelozza def. Stuart Austin by TKO (ground n’ pound), Round 1, 4:24