PFL 2 2022: Chris Wade Takes Unanimous Decision Over Ex-Champ Palmer

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Lance Palmer and Chris Wade, PFL 2Lance Palmer and Chris Wade, PFL 2 astatine the Esports Stadium Arlington successful Arlington, Texas, Thursday, April 28, 2022. (Cooper Neill / PFL)

A erstwhile champion, and a erstwhile runner up successful the PFL’s featherweight part faced disconnected astatine PFL 2.

Two-time champ Lance Palmer had been near retired of the playoffs past year. Wade, formerly a lightweight, had reached caller heights — but had been turned backmost by Movlid Khaybulaev astatine the PFL 2021 Championship.

With Khaylulaev retired for the 2022 season, however, the tract astatine 145lbs was wide open.

It was a listless, low-action matter for the amended portion of 3 rounds connected Thursday. We weren’t adjacent a infinitesimal successful erstwhile Chris Wade poked the oculus of Lance Palmer, bringing astir a little halt to their combat successful Arlington, Texas.

Back underway, Palmer landed a near hand; the punch would beryllium a go-to for Palmer, and different would onshore moments later. Wade past jabbed his mode in, backing Palmer up to the fence, and mixing successful a beforehand footwear arsenic well. With conscionable nether 2 minutes near successful the round, the near manus from Palmer would onshore again, and portion Wade appeared nary worse for the wear, it was a punch helium was going to request to ticker retired for.

The biggest takeaway: Wade was controlling the fight, pressing the pace. Whether Palmer would get distant with laying backmost and countering remained to beryllium seen.

Round 2 opened with a reserved pace; a small spot of a chess lucifer ensued. Palmer caught a kick, which led to a little unreserved but thing came of it. Back to the chess lucifer they went, Wade pushing forward, Palmer looking to counter. It was azygous strikes, azygous kicks for the astir part, with the wrestling accomplishment of the brace seemingly cancelling each different out.

The 3rd circular saw the biggest accidental for a decorativeness successful the combat to that constituent travel astir 2 minutes in: going to the ground, Palmer had a accidental astatine a guillotine, but Wade made it backmost to his feet. That was astir apt the biggest infinitesimal of a mostly uneventful fight, which would spell to the scorecards aft 15 minutes. Palmer would lunge successful with different near astatine the extremity of the round; it was Wade, however, who walked retired with the unanimous determination win.

Official Result: Chris Wade def. Lance Palmer by unanimous (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)