PFL 2 2022’s Lance Palmer “Fully Prepared Mentally And Physically” For Season

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Arlington, TX – The PFL 2022 play continues successful Texas and a the co-main lawsuit featuring 2 erstwhile Division I wrestlers with featherweight Lance Palmer taking connected past season’s finalist Chris Wade.

Speaking to reporters connected Tuesday Palmer spoke connected his archetypal combat successful 2022 and the easing of COVID restrictions coming into the season.

“I’m excited to combat this year. This twelvemonth is simply a batch antithetic from past twelvemonth arsenic acold arsenic the script we’re in. The no-quarantine and each that worldly that we went done past year. I deliberation a batch of radical are much motivated conscionable successful wide to get backmost successful the cage person benignant of a much mean beingness starring into the combat with combat week lone being a regular combat week and worldly similar that,” Palmer said.

Taking connected past season’s finalist Palmer knows he’s successful for a pugnacious combat against a feline who has competed successful PFL astatine lightweight earlier and astir won the full happening astatine featherweight past year.

“Chris has ever been a pugnacious opponent. Even erstwhile helium was astatine 55 helium was 1 of the much breathtaking guys successful that division. Even though helium ne'er won it astatine 55, helium was truly adjacent a mates times, and I deliberation helium adjacent had a split-decision nonaccomplishment successful the semi-finals 1 year. He precise good could person been a champ astatine 55 earlier helium dropped down to 45,” Palmer said.

“He’s ever been 1 of those guys that connected the radar arsenic a crippled opponent. Having this combat arsenic the archetypal combat of the season, I mean, this is simply a finals fight. Even though it’s lone 3 rounds I consciousness similar this is simply a combat that could beryllium treated arsenic a finals combat anyways. We’re conscionable getting paid a batch little than we would for the finals.”

Palmer is presently connected a two-fight losing streak dropping decisions to Bubba Jenkins and the eventual champion successful Movlid Khaybulaev respectively. He remains assured that this play volition beryllium his for the taking.

“100% I mean you can’t warrant that you’re going to win, but I tin warrant you that I’m afloat prepared mentally and physically. I’m excited, but it’s lone 1 combat astatine a clip conscionable similar the archetypal 2 seasons I won, I focused connected the precise archetypal fight. I don’t adjacent cognize who I would combat second,” Pamer said.

“I’m focused connected Chris Wade, getting that win, and past we’ll determination connected from there.”

Watch the afloat PFL 2 2022 media time quality from Lance Palmer above. The lawsuit takes spot this Thursday, April 28, 2022 astatine the ESports Stadium successful Arlington, Texas.