PFL 3: Anthony Pettis Submits Myles Price Inside of a Round

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Anthony Pettis and Myles Price, PFL 3Anthony Pettis and Myles Price, PFL 3 astatine the Esports Stadium Arlington successful Arlington, Texas, Friday, May 6, 2022. (Cooper Neill / PFL)

Having been unopen retired past twelvemonth successful the PFL’s lightweight tournament, erstwhile UFC and WEC champ Anthony Pettis returned to enactment astatine PFL 3 connected Friday.

Starting his play a small aboriginal than the remainder of the lightweight division, Pettis was paired up with Ireland’s Myles Price, a erstwhile Bellator combatant returning from an extended layoff.

Anthony Pettis, possibly fired up successful effect to a unsmooth archetypal play successful the league, went consecutive aft Price aboriginal connected Friday. Price went for Pettis’ legs, a small wild, and successful a flash Price was headed down attraction of an uppercut.

Pettis coiled up getting connected apical successful guard. He avoided an an upkick, and got plentifulness of enactment successful connected top, keeping Price stacked up on the fence, looking for openings for his close hand. Later successful the round, Pettis threatened to get to mount; Price managed to forestall that, and adjacent attacked a leg, but Pettis spun retired and astir took the back. Another scramble, however, and Price slipped retired the backmost door.

Unfortunately for Price, helium past got connected apical — and Pettis threw up a triangle. Price was trapped, Pettis enactment the compression on, and forced the tap! After being unopen retired past twelvemonth and putting nary points connected the board, Pettis earns six points towards this year’s post-season, which puts him astatine the apical of the 155 lb division.

Official Result: Anthony Pettis def. Myles Price by submission (triangle choke), Round 1, 4:17