PFL 3’s Ray Cooper III: I’m the Best 170er, Want to Prove It

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Ray Cooper III PFL 2021 World ChampionshipRay Cooper III, PFL 2021 World Championship ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

Ray Cooper has rattled disconnected back-to-back PFL title seasons, earning a creaseless $2 cardinal successful the process. As helium prepares to effort to marque successful 3 successful a row, the questions person evidently flocked successful astir whether oregon not helium has capable challenges successful the organization. The PFL welterweight already feels similar he’s the champion 170-pounder successful the would – but helium understands the tendency to person him beryllium it.

“I deliberation I’m the champion successful the satellite already,” Cooper stated. “But being capable to beryllium it – it’s conscionable a happening we got to speech astir with everything with the PFL.”

Being capable to supply a comfy beingness for his family, and not having to enactment a 2nd occupation to bash so, has ever been the #1 extremity for Cooper. However, present that PFL has helped him execute that level, helium wants to trial those limits and amusement radical what helium already believes.

“My extremity is ever jut to propulsion myself to immoderate the bounds is. I don’t enactment immoderate limits connected myself,” helium said. “I deliberation I’d bushed the UFC champion. I deliberation I’d bushed the Bellator champion. I privation we could.”

While galore successful the MMA world, including UFC president Dana White, person precocious bashed the boxing exemplary – Cooper says helium wishes that MMA was a spot much similar boxing successful that regard.

“I privation we could combatant inter-promotions – similar however boxing does. That’s however you find retired who’s the champion boxers and that’s wherefore they’re making the wealth they make,” Cooper said. “They combat each other. You cognize what I mean? So I privation that we could bash that with the UFC and Bellator. We could conscionable combat that benignant of combat to spot who’s truly the best.”

And portion the aforementioned attraction for his household ever was astatine the apical of his list, that doesn’t mean proving he’s the top isn’t highly important to Cooper. In fact, it’s thing helium wants badly.

“It is important to maine to combat the champion guys successful the satellite and to trial my limits,” helium said.

Ray Cooper III starts his run to triumph a 3rd consecutive PFL welterweight rubric this Friday astatine PFL 3. He’ll combat Carlos Leal successful the co-main event.

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