PFL 4: Antonio Carlos Junior Doesn’t Feel Good About Fighting Teammate In Playoffs

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Atlanta, GA — Antonio Carlos Junior has made the PFL 2022, but it has a cost.

“Shoeface” has cemented his spot successful the post-season for the 2nd twelvemonth successful a enactment by defeating chap Brazilian Bruce Souto successful the co-main lawsuit of PFL 4. The 2021 PFL champion clinched the 3rd effect with 9 points.

Carlos Junior (15-5, 2NC) volition instrumentality to enactment connected August 5 successful New York, but helium faces his teammate and precise adjacent person Omari Akmedov, who clinched the No. 2 seed. Naturally, the Brazilian is not blessed to beryllium facing his teammate.

“Man, I can’t archer you that I’m feeling bully astir [fighting Akmedov]. You know, to beryllium honest, Omari is simply a truly large friend. We are large grooming partners, you know, we ever bid together. He helped maine retired a batch for the championship. So I’m not going to consciousness good,” Carlos Junior told Cageside Press during his PFL 4 post-fight interview. “Like, successful the past, I fought immoderate friends successful jujitsu and stuff, but MMA is simply a small spot different. You person to deed your friend, it is benignant of weird, but, you know, we are professionals. We’re gonna bash what we’re gonna do.”

With Carlos Junior and Akmedov some grooming astatine American Top Team successful Florida, 1 would deliberation they mightiness person to divided the campy up truthful they some person clip to train, but the Brazilian says it won’t person to beryllium that way.

“Omari is simply a truly respectful guy. We’re not gonna bash thing like, ‘oh, we got to split, oregon I got to bid astatine 1 time, you’re gonna bid different time.’ You conscionable got to respect betwixt spaces,” Carlos Junior said. “I don’t privation to marque him consciousness uncomfortable with me. You know? And I’m beauteous definite it’s not going to consciousness that way. Me too; I’m not going to consciousness uncomfortable with him. He knows each of my game. You know, we each trained unneurotic for a precise agelong time. I got thing to fell from him. So, for sure, it is gonna beryllium hard to combat a friend. But, you know, we got to bash this.”

Watch the remainder of Antonio Carlos Junior’s PFL 4 post-fight interrogation above.