PFL 4: Jeremy Stephens Beats Myles Price, Playoff Hopes Dashed for Both

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Jeremy Stephens, PFL 4Jeremy Stephens, PFL 4 astatine the Overtime Elite Arena successful Atlanta, Georgia, Friday, June 17, 2022. (Cooper Neill / PFL)

On a nighttime afloat of explosive finishes, Jeremy Stephens was severely successful request of conscionable that to clasp connected to immoderate anticipation of making the PFL’s post-season.

At PFL 4 connected Friday successful Atlanta, GA, the erstwhile UFC standout couldn’t propulsion the trigger erstwhile it mattered.

Instead, helium coiled up going a afloat 3 rounds with a crippled Myles Price, getting backmost successful the triumph column— but losing retired connected the points indispensable to beforehand to the league’s post-season.

Both men are retired of the PFL’s 2022 playoffs. While Stephens technically had 3 points and 4th spot pursuing the win, some Clay Collard and Alex Martinez, warring aboriginal successful the night, already had 3 points each, meaning the victor would instantly leap past Stephens.

Price, having gone from Anthony Pettis to “Lil Heathen,” had arguably the toughest gully successful the league’s 2022 lightweight pool. After a submission nonaccomplishment to “Showtime,” losing a divided determination Friday near him 0-2 successful 2022.

4:16 was the clip to bushed for Jeremy Stephens, oregon alternately Price, to unafraid a playoff spot. The erstwhile UFC prima got close aft it Friday, scoring an aboriginal takedown and moving from fractional guard. Price, however, sat up and tied things up; Stephens wasn’t astir to onshore a knockout from a sitting position, and wisely disengaged, getting the combat backmost to the feet.

From there, Price fanned connected a spinning backmost fist portion the freshly shaved Stephens (who had trimmed his beard and hairsbreadth to marque value for the fight) walked him down. He fired a mates of dense shots, had Price trapped briefly, but couldn’t onshore the difference-maker.

Stephens would aboriginal backmost Price up to the fence, winging hooks to the body, but again, Price escaped. An uppercut and a genu from Stephens followed, and different uppercut a infinitesimal later. But arsenic clip ticked away, it became evident that neither antheral was going to decorativeness successful time. Price battled back, landing a fewer shots of his own, but they’d caput to the second, warring for pridefulness alternatively than a cardinal dollars astatine that point.

Stephens landed a mates of debased kicks aboriginal successful the second, portion Price worked the assemblage on the fence. Stephens reversed, and they’d spell back-and-forth for a bit. It was aboriginal successful the round, with astir 2 minutes connected the clock, that Stephens uncorked immoderate dense blows. But Price proved capable to sorb them, taking the combat backmost to the fence, wherever Stephens reversed. Again, they’d spell to the buzzer, with the combat going to a third.

Round 3 saw Price firing immoderate beforehand kicks to the body; helium ripped the assemblage aft that, backing Stephens up. Price followed that with a throw, lone for Stephens to popular close backmost up. The people of the circular changed, however, erstwhile Price landed a takedown — and rode retired the amended portion of the circular connected top.

Still, it wasn’t capable for Price to unafraid the win, getting the motion connected conscionable a azygous scorecard. Stephens, meanwhile, returns to the triumph file for the archetypal clip since 2018. The win, however, is nary uncertainty bittersweet with the playoffs retired of reach.

Official Result: Jeremy Stephens def. Myles Price by divided determination (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)