PFL 5 2022: Cappelozza vs. Scheffel Results

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Bruno Cappelozza and Matheus Scheffel, PFL 5 2022Bruno Cappelozza and Matheus Scheffel, PFL 5 2022 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: PFL

The 2nd fractional of the Professional Fighters League’s 2022 play continued connected Friday, with PFL 5 emanating from the Overtime Elite Arena successful Atlanta, Georgia.

The “Hotlanta” paper featured heavyweights and featherweights, positive a azygous lightweight combat — albeit 1 that would crook heads. That was the co-main event, which saw 155 lb person Anthony Pettis, with a playoff spot already clinched, propulsion down with chap UFC seasoned Stevie Ray.

It was heavyweights successful the main event, meanwhile. Last year’s champion, Bruno Cappelozza, continued his march towards a 2nd title, paired up with Matheus Scheffel.

This year’s PFL 5 paper mightiness beryllium much notable for what it had mislaid (and gained), however, past what it started retired with. A afloat 5 fighters had been replaced conscionable anterior to the nighttime of the event, with a mates of ex-UFC heavyweights stepping successful connected abbreviated notice. Those were Juan Adams, a Contender Series winner, and Maurice Greene, who joined the promotion via TUF 28.

Also successful connected abbreviated announcement connected Friday were Ago Huskic, taking connected instrumentality favourite Brendan Loughnane, Shelton Graves, a dense underdog against heavyweight Ante Delija, and Reinaldo Ekson, up against a pugnacious wrestler successful Bubba Jenkins.

The short-notice fighters would request big, speedy finishes to person immoderate anticipation of making the station season.

PFL 5 gets underway astatine 6PM ET connected Friday, June 24, 2022, with the main paper kicking disconnected astatine 8PM connected EPSN (TSN successful Canada). Full results from the lawsuit tin beryllium recovered below.

PFL 5 2022: Cappelozza vs. Scheffel Results

Main card

Matheus Scheffel def. Bruno Cappelozza by unanimous determination (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Stevie Ray def. Anthony Pettis by submission (modified bodylock), Round 2, 3:57
Klidson Abreu def. Renan Ferreira by unanimous determination (30–27, 30–27, 30–27)
Chris Wade def. Kyle Bochniak by TKO, Round 1, 1:10
Ante Delija def. Shelton Graves by unanimous determination (29–27, 29–27, 29–27)
Bubba Jenkins def. Reinaldo Ekson by unanimous determination (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Denis Goltsov def. Maurice Greene by unanimous determination (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Preliminary card

Lance Palmer def. Sheymon Moraes by unanimous determination (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Juan Adams def. Sam Kei by TKO (punches), Round 2, 2:30
Ryoji Kudo def. Alejandro Flores by knockout (punch), Round 1, 2:52
Brendan Loughnane def. Ago Huskic by unanimous determination (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)