PFL 6: Sadibou Sy Upsets Rory MacDonald, But Both Fighters Head to Playoffs

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Sadibou Sy and Rory MacDonald, PFL 6Sadibou Sy and Rory MacDonald, PFL 6 astatine the Overtime Elite Arena successful Atlanta, Georgia, Friday, July 1, 2022. (Cooper Neill / PFL)

While having already clinched a playoff spot, Friday’s PFL 6 paper successful Atlanta, Georgia was nary little important for welterweight Rory MacDonald.

A erstwhile UFC rubric challenger and Bellator MMA champ, “The Red King” had been bounced from contention successful 2021, his archetypal twelvemonth with the league. With 1 submission decorativeness already nether his loop this year, helium was looking to close that.

Looking to play spoiler, Sadibou Sy, a longtime PFL veteran.

Almost instantly disconnected the opening bell, MacDonald pursued the takedown, snatching a leg, and attempting to modulation to a double-leg takedown attempt. Sy stayed up, however, utilizing the obstruction for equilibrium portion MacDonald stayed connected him.

While Sy would yet get his backmost disconnected the fence, MacDonald had him backmost successful the aforesaid presumption moments later. The Canadian appeared to beryllium bleeding, contempt Sy having landed small offense. When they yet went down, MacDonald coiled up connected bottom, but was rapidly backmost up. Sy reversed, MacDonald reversed again.

MacDonald went close backmost to the grappling successful circular two, pinning Sy against the fence. Not a batch of action, to the displeasure of the crowd. Sy would effort to reverse, and get turned astir again. With conscionable nether 2 minutes left, they’d spell backmost to center. Sy landed a jab, portion MacDonald walked his hostile down. Sy flashed stance switches, but contempt his magnitude and a decent jab, couldn’t look to support MacDonald connected the outside. In helium came again connected a single-leg effort successful the last minute. For Sy, the biggest infinitesimal of the circular was landing a assemblage kick, that seemed to canine MacDonald successful the third.

The last circular saw MacDonald unfastened with a hook, past prosecute a single-leg takedown. As helium had done 2 rounds, Sy saw decent takedown defense. He’d extremity up reversing, and they’d spell into a dilatory rotation rhythm on the fence. MacDonald past enactment connected a assemblage fastener from the back, trying to resistance Sy down — to nary avail. And with 2 minutes to go, it was Sy planting Rory MacDonald connected his back. MacDonald didn’t instrumentality agelong to get backmost up, however, utilizing his hips to escape. But backmost connected the feet, MacDonald landed debased with a knee.

After a little intermission for Sy to recover, helium landed a limb kick, followed up with a jab, and for a infinitesimal had MacDonald connected the defensive. But that didn’t past long, and MacDonald would spell backmost to walking his hostile down successful the last 30 seconds.

Come the scorecards, 2 judges scored each 3 rounds for Sy, who took location the unanimous determination win. But with MacDonald already having a playoff spot locked up, some men determination to the playoffs.

MacDonald, the fig 1 seed, volition look Magomed Umalatov next. Sy, meanwhile, fights Carlos Leal, who got 3 points successful a walkover astatine PFL 6 erstwhile his hostile withdrew.

Official Result: Sadibou Sy def. Rory MacDonald by unanimous determination (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)