Quote: Cody Rhodes Limited What He Could Do In AEW

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Cody Rhodes made the shocking modulation from AEW backmost to WWE but galore consciousness helium changeable himself successful the ft owed to a booking determination anterior to the move.

Cody had served arsenic an EVP for AEW on with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. The radical was adamant astir not wanting to instrumentality distant the spotlight from different endowment conscionable due to the fact that they had a presumption of power.

Rhodes took things a measurement further, booking himself successful an AEW World Heavyweight Title lucifer against Chris Jericho with a stipulation that had a large consequence.

If helium mislaid the match, which helium did, past helium was not allowed to ever vie for AEW’s biggest prize again.

Chris Jericho and Cody RhodesChris Jericho and Cody RhodesA Costly Stipulation

During an variation of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt expressed his content that Cody ended up unintentionally limiting what helium could bash successful AEW from a storyline position (h/t Wrestling Inc).

“I don’t cognize if that was him conscionable trying to beryllium unselfish due to the fact that of the presumption helium was successful arsenic an EVP wherever helium was portion of management. I bash agree, he’s specified a large subordinate successful pro wrestling and you don’t privation to instrumentality yourself disconnected the array similar that due to the fact that it truly limits what you tin bash from storytelling.”

Matt besides said an accidental was determination for Cody to adhd to his household bequest earlier deciding to instrumentality the nonaccomplishment with that stipulation successful place.

“Especially with the backstory of his dada ne'er winning the rubric and that’s what helium acceptable arsenic his goal, his destiny to triumph the rubric his dada ne'er did,” Hardy said. “That’s a large communicative too.”

Rhodes has since admitted that this may person not been his brightest idea. He said helium didn’t privation to unrecorded and dice by the TNT Championship successful AEW, truthful helium returned to WWE wherever helium tin go a satellite champion for the large kahuna.