Rapper Accuses John Cena of Stealing His Lines in Diss Track

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Rapper Copywrite accuses John Cena of stealing his lines successful a caller “diss track” released earlier this week.

Cena utilized a rapper gimmick, the Doctor of Thugganomics, successful the aboriginal days of his WWE career. He was cutting freestyle promos connected his opponents and adjacent enactment retired a (pretty solid) rap medium successful 2005 titled, “You Can’t See Me.”

Copywrite’s caller album, The High Exaulted II, contains a opus called, “Spoiler Alert / Have U Cena?”

John Cena Diss Track: Audio & Lyrics

The diss way alleges that Cena stole lines from him during immoderate of his pre-match freestyles.

The opus includes clips of Cena utilizing phrases that Copywrite claims to person written.

“Spoiler Alert / Have U Cena?” contains lyrics specified as:

“Oh shit, truthful archer me, wherefore John Cena wanna thief my aged steez?
I got the quality from a instrumentality retired the blue, astatine archetypal I didn’t deliberation was the truth,
’til helium sent the YouTube nexus arsenic the proof, present I’m tryna deliberation what to do”

“Mister, get it connected your ain merit. Bit it, It was truthful apparent.
So atrocious with nary swag, erstwhile helium did it I was truthful embarrassed”

So, did John Cena bargain lyrics from Copywrite?

You tin perceive to the opus beneath and determine for yourself.