Renee Paquette says AEW Needs to Spread Out which Female Wrestlers they Push

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Renee Paquette has said that AEW needs to “spread immoderate of that love” among the women’s part pursuing Double oregon Nothing 2022.

At the event, Dr. Britt Baker won the archetypal Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament, defeating Ruby Soho successful the finals.

After the match, Baker was presented with a title by Owen’s widow Dr. Martha Hart.

Many person criticized AEW’s determination to person Baker win, saying that the erstwhile AEW Women’s World Champion (who has the second-longest reign with the title) didn’t request the win.

Speaking connected the latest occurrence of The Sessions, Paquette named immoderate different stars who would payment from AEW’s absorption different than Baker.

“When Toni Storm didn’t spell implicit Britt connected their mode to the tournament, and past to person Ruby besides lose, it would beryllium bully to person 1 of those women successful that spot. Like I’m saying, Britt is f***ing great, there’s nary denying that. I deliberation she’s fantastic, I deliberation she is caput and shoulders astatine the apical of that division, but to dispersed immoderate of that emotion astir arsenic they’re bulking up that division, these women are stars. Toni Storm is simply a star, Ruby Soho is simply a star… she’s amazing. Kris Stantlander is connected her mode up arsenic well.”

Soho and Storm teamed up to decision Baker and Jamie Hayter connected this week’s occurrence of AEW Dynamite.

Renee Paquette connected the Treatment of Women’s Tag Team Titles successful WWE (May 2022)

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