Jin Mingjian

Chinese Citizen, Ph.D., jin.phd@gmail.com

I am best known as tonystarkjin/至尊宝 , a grand prizes hunter in the series of Alibaba Tianchi Engineering Competitions.

I makes following records in the range of 2015 - 2020 Tianchi competition seasons:

  • Person with the Most Total Prizes in the history of Alibaba Tianchi Engineering Competitions (2015 - 2020)

  • Person with the Most Total Money Rewards in the history of Alibaba Tianchi Engineering Competitions (2015 - 2020)

  • Highest rewards in all solo participants (one-person teams) in the history of Alibaba Tianchi Engineering Competitions (2015 - 2020)

  • Most universal optimizations done in the history of Alibaba Tianchi Engineering Competitions (2015 - 2020). YMMV, check presentations in "Talks and Writings" for your own idea.

Awarded By Alibaba Group VP, Yangqing Jia (Flink 2019)

Awarded By Manager of Alibaba Cloud Database Division, Cao Wei (PolarDB 2018)

I am the founder of project TensorBase, which is focusing on reforming high-performance and scalable data intelligent infrastructures for massive data volume in full spectrum with modern technologies and operation engineering in mind.

I am a bigdata expert. I have hacked the Cassandra client driver to get multi-core scale-up fairness for massive writes (2014). I have modified to the Storm sources to achieve 2x message throughput (2016). I have re-implemented the Flink parquet file reader with native vectorized version to reach 4x speed-up to presto-parquet's reader and 2x speed-up to Flink's reader (early, 2020). Futhermore, I have successfully constructed several dedicated realtime data clusters/warehouses with 10x more cost-effective than traditional open-source bigdata solutions (a.k.a., SQL-on-Hadoop, such as Impala, Hive, HBase, Presto et. al.) (2014 - 2020).

I have contributed to kinds of open source systems and projects, including official PRs to Flink, Tensorflow(now LLVM) MLIR, Scala, Eclipse...and valued by Github Arctic Code Vault Contributor for kinds of these contributions.

I am also the founder of an open source high performance foundation - Landz, which is the first high performance Java 8 ready stack in 2013, beats Netty 30% more in third-part benchmarks with self-brewed vectorized http engine (also first in Java world) via original composable layers.

I am used to be as an expert in the Scala, Swift, Eclipse, Matlab...

I am a strong leader and have excellent communication skills.

I also enjoy mixing some data science into the data engineering.


  • Silver Medalist of Apache Flink Geek Challenge Competition (2019)

  • Silver Medalist of First Alibaba Cloud PolarDB Database Performance Competition (2018)

  • Winner Prize of Third Alibaba Middleware Performance Challenge Competition (2017)

  • Three successive Week Stars of Sina Weibo Prediction Challenge Competition (2015)

  • Google Summer of Code 2010 Membership (on project for official Scala Foundation)

Work History

  • Founder of TensorBase

    TensorBase, 2020.5 - now

    TensorBase is a modern engineering effort for building a high performance and cost-effective bigdata warehouse in an open source culture.

  • Manager of Data Department

    Tigerjoys, 2017.7 – 2020.4

    • Responsible for whole data department
    • Realtime Interactive Data Warehouse
    • Data Middleware Platform
    • Data visualization system for realtime bigdata
  • Senior Architect/Director

    AnG Tech Inc., 2015.10 - 2016.9

    • Responsible for whole data engineering team
    • Pluggable bidding algorithm framework for the DSP platform
    • Unified Query Engine: Unifies all heterogeneous query systems together
    • DSP Insight: Lightning fast big data analysis platform for DSP in digital advertising
  • Chief Platform Architect

    Beijing KangYuan Inc.(Closed), 2014.5 - 2015.4

    • Responsible for whole platform engineering team
    • Hosting and showing the platform to kinds of investment teams(i.e., Intel China)
    • Health Bigdata Platform for Wearable IoT Devices
  • Founder of Landz

    Landz Project, 2013.10 - 2014.4

    Machine-affinity Java 8 foundation with highest performance records in 2013

  • Senior Member of Technical Staff

    Oracle Research and Development Center - Beijing,

    2010.7 - 2013.9

    • Oracle WebLogic Server Global Web Service Team
    • Driven new features for WebLogic Server web service
    • Numerous bug fixings for WebLogic Server web service
    • Develop for maintaining the Java Specification Requests
    • Mentor new newbies in the team


  • Doctor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Electrical Engineering, September 2004 – 2010
  • Master, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Electrical Engineering, September 2001 – 2004
  • Bachelor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Electrical Engineering, September 1997 – 2001

Talks and Writings