Rhea Ripley Explains How Joining The Judgment Day Benefits Her

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Rhea Ripley joined The Judgment Day astatine WrestleMania Backlash, which is led by Edge and besides includes subordinate Damian Priest.

On May 8, Edge battled AJ Styles successful a WrestleMania 38 rematch. Priest was not allowed ringside truthful that determination could beryllium nary extracurricular interference successful the match.

A hooded idiosyncratic distracted Styles to assistance Edge win. It was past revealed that this idiosyncratic was Rhea Ripley, and she joined Edge’s The Judgment Day.

Ripley says that she is precise excited to enactment with Edge and helium volition assistance her ascent the ladder quickly.

Speaking to 99.5 WKDQ, Ripley said she can’t hold to larn nether Edge’s guidance (as transcribed by Fightful):

“Edge is specified an astonishing endowment and he’s been done truthful galore antithetic matches and has done truthful overmuch worldly successful this institution and I’m going to larn a batch from him implicit the adjacent fewer months, if not years. I’m precise excited to beryllium moving with him and helium tin decidedly assistance maine ascent up the ladder truly quickly,” Ripley said.

“He knows a batch astir this concern and I’m precise excited to beryllium moving with him due to the fact that I can’t hold to larn each the lessons he’s going to thatch maine on the way. It’s going to beryllium 1 monolithic learning curve for maine and I’m precise excited.”

Ripley described Damien Priest arsenic the antheral equivalent of her. Their cogwheel is the same, they person akin views connected life, and truthful on. Their attire is truthful akin that Ripley wore his pants erstwhile she mislaid her gear.

“Damian and I, we’ve been mates for a agelong time. We’ve talked astir doing intergender tag matches for the longest clip since we are beauteous overmuch the aforesaid human. Our cogwheel is precise similar, the mode we look astatine beingness is beauteous similar, we enactment the same, we person the aforesaid likes and dislikes. Even erstwhile I mislaid my gear, fortunate helium was connected the amusement due to the fact that I wore his pants retired and I wrestled successful his gear,” Ripley said.

Ripley was successful a squad with Liv Morgan and took portion successful a fatal 4-way tag lucifer wherever Naomi and Sasha Banks won the Women’s Tag Team Titles aft defeating the teams of Ripley & Morgan, Shayna Baszler & Natalya, and Carmella & Zelina Vega.

Ripley past turned connected Morgan, breaking up their squad and turning heel.