Rikishi Says He’s Voting for The Rock for U.S. President

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WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi has thrown his value down The Rock should “The Brahma Bull” ever tally for President of the United States.

While champion known for his vocation successful the ringing and successful Hollywood, The Rock has said helium is earnestly considering a governmental career, calling it a “real possibility” in 2017.

More recently, “The Great One” has said he has done research into a imaginable tally for President of the United States of America.

Speaking to  Brandon Robinson of Bally Sports, Rikishi showed his enactment for his cousin’s imaginable predetermination campaign.

“I’m voting for him… I’ll beryllium voting for him due to the fact that i’m not the governmental cat, I’m conscionable the feline who supports the people.”


The premise of NBC’s Young Rock sees the Hollywood A-Lister callback his beingness successful a bid of interviews erstwhile moving for President.

Young Rock was greenlit for a 3rd season past week.

The People’s President?

The Rock arsenic President whitethorn look far-fetched, but his imaginable run already has immoderate superior momentum.

In an April 2021 poll, 46% of radical asked said they’d see voting for the erstwhile WWE Champion successful a Presidential election.

Responding, The Rock said “it’d beryllium my honor” to tally for President, and has said helium volition tally if the people privation him.

The Undertaker Says The Rock Could Unify The U.S arsenic President (February 2021)

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