Road Dogg Addresses Rumors About His WWE Release

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Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James is 1 of the astir salient backstage figures released by WWE this year. Some radical wondered if his departure was related to Triple H losing powerfulness successful the company.

The Game had to measurement distant from WWE owed to bosom issues past year. The institution has revamped the NXT marque since past and released galore cardinal members of his team.

Road Dogg addressed the rumors of his merchandise being related to it during an interrogation with He noted however WWE released implicit a twelve radical connected the time helium was fto spell and it astir apt saved the institution $5 to $10 cardinal per year:

“So from a concern perspective, ‘Hey, we got to trim immoderate abdominous down there.’ Now, if by trimming that fat, my sanction came into play due to the fact that I was a Hunter guy. I can’t talk to that and I don’t deliberation that would beryllium the case.”

Road Dogg On How Higher Ups Viewed NXT During Triple H’s Time

Per Road Dogg, the officials indispensable person decided to conscionable chopped down radical who were making the astir money. He besides revealed that helium talked to Vince McMahon aft his WWE merchandise and thanked him:

“These are the radical that are making the astir money, to beryllium rather honorable with you, but however other bash we trim the fat? Vince and I spoke aft that via substance and it’s each gravy, I thanked him for the 10 years of beingness acquisition and 10 years’ worthy of pay.”

You tin cheque retired Road Dogg’s afloat interrogation below: