Russia-Ukraine War: MMA Champ Shares Harrowing Details Of Fighting

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Bellator champion Yaroslav Amosov continues to combat successful Ukraine during the warfare successful Europe.

The welterweight champion was acceptable to combat against Michael Page adjacent period for his archetypal rubric defense. However, that was enactment down the Ukrainian-born combatant successful the vigor of the European conflict.

Amosov has put his rubric defence connected clasp to combat for his location country. He joined up with his woman and lad and friends and family, to support them and assistance support against the invasion.

Yaroslav AmosovYaroslav Amosov, via Instagram

Earlier successful the month, helium recovered his title belt successful the wreckage of the bombings. And precocious Amosov has revealed immoderate acheronian details of his experience, truthful far.

“Our enemies came to Ukraine with weapons and made chaos,” Amosov said. “Me and my friends decided to assistance support our country, our city, and we joined the territorial defence of our metropolis Irpin. Russian soldiers bombed houses, killed civilians, raped women. They killed radical successful cars. People conscionable wanted to permission the occupied territory. They conscionable wanted to live. Many radical were sitting successful basements for much than a month. When Irpin was liberated, they were fixed a portion of bread. They wept and gave thanks. They sat without water, without light. They were acrophobic that idiosyncratic would travel in, and they would beryllium shot.”

“Dynamo” has made it wide that until the warfare is over, helium volition stay successful Ukraine. And according to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, determination is overmuch to bash earlier they volition spot the end.

Yaroslav AmosovYaroslav Amosov holding up his title loop with Ukraine soldiers.

But contempt the struggle successful Europe gaining momentum, Amosov is hopeful for a amended aboriginal erstwhile Ukraine volition beryllium peaceful erstwhile again.

“They made a combat for the interim title. It doesn’t substance to me. I volition hold for the warfare to extremity and support my title. I anticipation we volition beryllium capable to instrumentality to our homes homes, (and) determination volition beryllium bid connected our land. The prima volition shine, we volition smile, and everything volition beryllium fine.” (h/t MMA Junkie)

Currently, Amosov is undefeated successful his 26 fights arsenic a nonrecreational fighter. He gained the Bellator welterweight title successful 2019 and volition person his archetypal rubric defence whenever helium returns.

What is your absorption to Yaroslav Amosov’s chilling warfare details?