Ryan Nemeth’s “HEEL” Film Is Now Available For Streaming

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Ryan Nemeth has released his abbreviated film called “HEEL.” He started moving connected the passionateness task anterior to him joining AEW. It looks astatine immoderate of the much gritty quality of pro wrestling down the scenes and more. 

It’s directed by Maggie Levin and is rated mature for connection and content. The crippled of the movie reads similar the following: 

“Beyond the flashy outfits and bodyslams, pro wrestling tin beryllium a acheronian and lawless world. HEEL is simply a communicative abbreviated that explores this world, and touches connected the delicate topics of addiction and intersexual assault.”

HEEL from ryan nemeth connected Vimeo.

Nemeth spoke astir the real-life inspiration for this movie successful a station connected Instagram from past August: 

“In March of 2018 I discovered precise unsettling quality astir immoderate of the radical successful my small indie pro wrestling societal circle. I instantly chopped ties with those I nary longer wanted to beryllium associated with. I stopped doing definite shows, I moved, I nary longer communicated with definite people. (Sadly, arsenic it turns out, the small I did cognize was lone the extremity of a disgusting iceberg. I wouldn’t cognize that until years later.) I was truthful mortified I stopped doing shows altogether. I didn’t cognize what to do- it’s not an enactment truly to talk up for those who privation to stay anonymous- that’s their communicative and their choice. Jump to March of 2019: @anna_lore challenged maine to constitute astir it. So I did. I sent filmmaker @maggielevin a publication I wrote called HEEL. It dealt with intersexual battle and harassment successful indie wresting. If I couldn’t straight code the issue, possibly I could marque a portion of creation that could onslaught it from a antithetic angle. Maybe that would animate others. Maybe that would assistance to exposure those rotten characters who needed to beryllium exposed. Maybe it would pb to something, anything. Soon after, I ran a 30-day run connected @seedandspark and with the assistance of 800 oregon truthful pledges from astir the world, we raised the budget. Maggie was in. We changeable HEEL successful a week. As we went into post-production (editing, sound, color, etc), the satellite went into a covid shutdown. I was privately disquieted that my movie would upset fans and supporters of immoderate of the wrestlers they loved, and this full task would get maine blacklisted from the concern for speaking up. Fine by me- a concern that allowed radical similar that to thrive isn’t 1 I wanted to beryllium portion of anymore. Then the #speakingout question deed wresting. I realized radical were acceptable to speech astir this worldly and that this movie mightiness beryllium received amended than I imagined. It’s present August of 2021. I didn’t get blacklisted. HEEL has premiered connected the movie festival circuit- it has screened & won awards successful the USA and aggregate different countries. I’m truthful arrogant of however good it turned out. I americium endlessly grateful to each azygous subordinate of the team: cast, crew, backers- everyone involved. Art tin springiness a dependable to those who don’t person one. Go marque your art.”

Nemeth is the younger member of Dolph Ziggler. He archetypal signed with WWE successful 2010 and worked successful developmental until 2013 erstwhile helium departed. He made his AEW debut successful January 2021.