Scott Coker Says Open Scoring Should Be Considered For Bellator

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Bellator President Scott Coker says that unfastened scoring is thing that should beryllium considered for Bellator.

This comes aft a contentious determination occurred past week successful Bellator 277’s main lawsuit arsenic Patrício “Pitbull” Freire defeated A.J. McKee via unanimous decision. Some argued McKee had done capable to support his title. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson adjacent went arsenic acold arsenic to statement the determination “the worst robbery I’ve ever seen successful MMA“.

While the erstwhile champion who mislaid his loop that nighttime went by the aged saying ‘to beryllium the champ you’ve got to bushed the champ’, McKee felt arsenic though ‘Pitbull’ failed to bash so.

Open scoring has been up for statement wrong MMA for immoderate clip now. It astir surely would adhd a caller constituent to the athletics for which each parties, including the fighters, coaches, and fans could benefit.

Adding unfastened scoring would let corners to cognize however the judges person scored the combat circular by round, allowing for adjustments and changes successful strategy if their combatant is losing.

Several UFC fighters person called for unfastened scoring, including the likes of Stephen Thompson and Cory Sandhagen. The authorities of Colorado opted to adopt caller rules and regulations that included unfastened scoring for boxing and MMA bouts much precocious successful precocious 2021.

Coker is present unfastened to introducing the strategy to Bellator.

“We’d person to get that approved by the commission, but it’s thing we should consider,” Coker said. “It’s thing the fans would enjoy, and I deliberation the media would bask covering that, too, seeing the people arsenic each circular goes by.”

One of the drawbacks involving unfastened scoring would beryllium judges being influenced by assemblage reactions to the round-by-round scoring, though Coker doesn’t spot an contented with it.

“I spot our judges, and I don’t deliberation that would beryllium a problem. I would anticipation that the judges wouldn’t beryllium swayed by radical successful the gathering oregon online,” said Coker. (h/t Sports Illustrated)

Do you deliberation Bellator should proceedings unfastened scoring?

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