Shields Changes Tune On Jake Paul, Wants Silva To KO Him

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Claressa Shields wants UFC fable Anderson Silva to knockout Jake Paul wrong the boxing ring.

Paul and Shields person a past with 1 another, arsenic Paul made some disparaging comments astir her pursuing her archetypal mixed martial arts (MMA) nonaccomplishment this past October.

However, they seemingly enactment that down them soon after, exchanging benignant words astir 1 different done societal media and interviews. Apparently, that’s each implicit and done with.

Shields was precocious interviewed by The Schmo and offered her thoughts connected a imaginable boxing lucifer betwixt the ex-UFC middleweight champion Silva, and the YouTube star-turned-boxer.

If the combat does instrumentality place, Shields would truly similar to spot Silva knockout Paul wrong the squared circle.

“I privation Anderson Silva to sound retired Jake Paul,” Shields said. “That’s what I want. And I judge he’s the feline to bash it.

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“I deliberation Jake Paul has fought against Tyron Woodley, who is simply a large guy, large MMA fighter, but Silva has shown that he’s a truly really bully boxer, adjacent though helium has an MMA background.

“So I would emotion to spot him combat a Jake Paul. I deliberation some guys are truly enhancing their skills, I conscionable don’t truly similar Jake Paul similar that.

“So I privation him and Anderson Silva to fight, and I privation Anderson Silva to win.”

Shields does maintain, however, that she respects what Paul has done for boxing, and women’s boxing successful particular, but thinks helium needs to amusement a spot much respect for the athletics erstwhile calling retired the likes of Canelo Álvarez.

“I similar what Jake Paul is doing,” Shields said. “He’s brought a full clump of attraction to boxing, and women’s boxing. It’s conscionable astir him respecting the sport.

“And if you’re going to beryllium calling retired Canelo and that benignant of stuff, you person to astatine slightest combat against a existent combatant and not beryllium utilizing everybody’s sanction for clout.”

Silva holds a 4-1 grounds arsenic a nonrecreational boxer. His archetypal nonrecreational combat took spot successful 1998, but helium was defeated aft the archetypal circular via RTD.

He bounced backmost successful 2005 with a instrumentality against Julio Cesar De Jesus, knocking him retired successful the 2nd round.

After ending his 14-year tally with the UFC, Silva returned to boxing successful June of 2021, defeating Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. via divided decision. He past took connected chap erstwhile UFC champion Tito Ortiz connected September 11 of past year, knocking him retired successful the archetypal round.

Paul made his nonrecreational boxing debut successful January of 2020, and has since gone undefeated, with a existent grounds of 5-0.

Although 2 of his wins travel implicit a chap YouTube prima and ex-NBA star, helium does ain wins implicit erstwhile MMA champions.

“The Problem Child” knocked retired Ben Askren successful the archetypal circular of their April 2021 meeting. He past picked up back-to-back wins implicit Tyron Woodley, the second of which being a knockout win.

Both Paul and Silva person expressed involvement successful boxing each different down the line, however, it looks similar Paul mightiness beryllium warring Tommy Fury first.