T.J. Brown Making More Money Just to Show At UFC Vegas 57 Than In His Last Win

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A victor connected Dana White’s Contender Series successful 2019, featherweight T.J. Brown rides a two-fight triumph streak into UFC Vegas 57 this Saturday.

The UFC’s instrumentality to Las Vegas comes aft a mates of weeks connected the road, and finds Brown paired up with China’s Shayilan Nuerdanbieke.

“This has been a large camp. I spent astir four, 5 weeks down astatine Glory MMA, present I’m finishing the remainder of my campy astatine West Side MMA,” Brown (16-8) told Cageside Press successful a caller exclusive interview. “Everything’s going great, I’m successful large shape, weight’s a small up of docket actually— I conjecture that says however overmuch I’ve been grooming hard and eating right.”

Brown’s astir caller enactment saw him triumph a unanimous determination against Charles Rosa backmost successful January. While helium would person liked to find the finish, helium admits Rosa is simply a pugnacious customer. The goal, however, is perfection.

“My extremity is to spell retired determination and person this cleanable performance,” Brown explained. “I privation to spell retired determination and perform, get successful that travel authorities oregon zone, and conscionable truly amusement the satellite however bully I am. And I’m getting a small spot person to that each clip I fight. Every clip I fight, everything starts to dilatory down conscionable a spot more, and everything’s slowing down and the absorption is better.”

With that successful mind, “I deliberation I’m truly moving towards showing the satellite however bully I am, and making my mode up the rankings by performing better,” Brown continued. “I deliberation I’ve ever had the skills and the quality and the enactment ethic, it’s conscionable getting successful determination and being capable to perform. I’m getting amended astatine that each clip I measurement into the cage.”

Brown signed a caller four-fight woody aft the Rosa fight, which really saw him combat retired his erstwhile contract. Betting connected himself paid off: aft starting his UFC tally 0-2, helium won his adjacent 2 fights. He’s been rewarded with a lucrative declaration that puts him good past what helium was earning previously. “I’ll beryllium making much conscionable to amusement up [at UFC Vegas 57] than I did to amusement and triumph the past fight. I’m excited to yet marque immoderate bully money, and hopefully marque immoderate bully investments with it.”

Yet portion 2 wins and a caller woody brings occupation security, Brown isn’t definite precisely however much.

“I deliberation successful each honesty, nobody’s truly that unafraid successful the UFC. They’re cutting radical near and right. I’ve ever been the benignant that if you enactment my backmost against the partition oregon you enactment the unit connected me, I’ve ever been capable to travel out. So possibly a spot of unit is good, and though yea I did seal a contract, I inactive benignant of clasp a spot of unit connected myself to spell retired determination and execute and execute well. It’s a bully happening for me, it truly motivates maine to bid hard and spell retired determination and springiness it by best.”

“At the aforesaid time,” added Brown, “it’s bully to get a caller contract.”

Watch our afloat interrogation with UFC Vegas 57’s T.J. Brown above. The lawsuit takes spot this Saturday, June 25 astatine the Apex successful Las Vegas, Nevada.