Thiago Alves Shares Mike Perry’s Interest In BKFC Showdown

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Thiago Alves is looking for the biggest combat possible.

Thiago Alves has been a nonrecreational combatant since 2001. He has been progressive successful immoderate precise breathtaking matchups implicit the years. Now that helium has 38 nonrecreational MMA fights and 2 bare-knuckle fights connected his résumé, helium isn’t looking to dilatory down. In fact, Alves is looking for the biggest combat helium tin get. Right now, that mightiness beryllium a bout with Mike Perry.

Alves spent fourteen years successful the UFC. Following his release, Alves decided to motion a declaration with BKFC. He has recovered occurrence successful BKFC and is present the middleweight champion. Bare-knuckle warring has recovered its niche successful combat sports and present has a existent following.

More erstwhile UFC fighters are heading that way, and possibly the astir fashionable among them is Mike Perry. Perry conscionable had his archetypal combat with BKFC and Alves was watching.

“He looked good. He’s not going to look that bully against maine though,” Alves told TMZ Sports via MiddleEasy. “I anticipation we tin marque this combat happen. It was expected to hap successful 2017. I’m looking guardant to that knuckling up.”

Alves is looking to instrumentality connected Perry successful his adjacent fight. Perry was besides funny successful this matchup arsenic well, truthful the likelihood of it happening look beauteous good. Alves believes that this could beryllium the biggest combat successful BKFC yet.

“Without a uncertainty [it volition beryllium the biggest combat ever]. Mike Perry is similar the caller generation, you know, helium has a batch of hype down him. Didn’t bash arsenic overmuch arsenic I’ve done successful the sport, you know, I’ve been a batch longer than helium has, but arsenic close now, I don’t spot immoderate bigger combat successful the making for the organization,” Alves said. “So, Dave Feldman, let’s marque it happen!”

Perry got himself back successful the triumph file with his BKFC triumph implicit erstwhile UFC combatant Julian Lane. Perry’s quality successful BKFC is simply a benignant of reawakening for his vocation that didn’t extremity excessively good with the UFC. If this is the biggest combat to marque going forward, it should beryllium thing connected the skyline successful 2022.

Would you privation to spot this imaginable matchup betwixt Thiago Alves and Mike Perry?

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